EOTD/BOTD: Hot Cross Bunnies

Hey friends!

Other than my Instagram account, you will get no April Fool’s jokes for me. Because I work in a profession where April Fools can be a time of great torture and strife.

So we’re skipping straight to Easter with this EOTD! And the BOTD is good for the Spring, too!

So let’s check it out!

beer of the day eye of the day

Enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly. 

EOTD: Hello Waffle’s Hot Cross Bunnies, $4.15 CAD, $3.38 USD.

hello waffle hot cross bunniesOkay, I went with the obvious bunny theme for Easter, but also because this is one of my favorite soft colors for a Spring weekend.

Hot Cross Bunnies a light purple, that leans more gold in some lights. It’s so soft and sparkly it can easily shift from purple to a neutral. It’s definitely one of my favorite Hello Waffle eye shadows because it’s just so versatile and pretty.

For Easter this weekend I’m going to my parent’s house, so I’m trying to keep my eye look simple and soft. I put Hot Cross Bunnies over Glitter Fix all over my eye lid. I then used the crease color from the Wet N’ Wild Petal Pusher Palette to darken the outer lid, and I also moved that into the crease. I used the brow bone color and definer colors from the Petal Pusher palette in their respective places.

It’s a super easy, and actually very budget friendly eyeball look!

BOTD: Mission Brewery’s Cortez Gold

mission brewery cortez gold

It comes in a can!

Since I’ve been on a Belgian kick this summer, I thought I’d try something from the lighter side: A Belgian Pale Ale.

Mission Brewery is located in California and here’s what they had to say about Cortez Gold: 

Light, earthy and slightly spicy hop nose complemented by a lightly sweet pils malt character. Subtle yet complex. Wonderfully drinkable.

Rebs Says: Where I live, there is a favorite past time of “floating the river”. All this means is you sit in an inner tube in a river and drink beer all day. There is no actual river skill needed.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is Cortez Gold is a perfect river beer. It’s light and refreshing, but it has enough taste and flavor that I’m not bored by it. It’s got crisp, hoppy notes paired with a well balanced mellow sweetness. It’s the kind of perfect combination that you can easily enjoy all day in the hot sun, in a inner tube, in the river. Plus it comes in a can! (Glass bottles aren’t allowed on the river.)

Whatever your favorite Spring and Summer outdoor activities are, this beer will go nicely with them. It’s also mild enough to be a crowd pleaser at any outside event, so you’ll most likely be the most popular person on the river.

Rebs Stars: 3.5/5

Questions of the Day:
-What’s that on your shirt?


Ok. I tried.

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