Happy Hour: March Favorites!

Hey friends!

It’s weird how March was only 12 days long this year. If you tried to convince me there were 30 days this past month, I would probably shake my head sadly for you, because it just didn’t happen. At least that’s how it felt to me.

It was hard to pick out favorite things since this month was only 12 days long, but I managed to create a March Favorites post because I have a duty to my readers. Also because there were a lot of pretty things and good smelling things this month.

So check out what made the favorites cut for the shortest month of the year!

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Please enjoy your makeup and beer responsibly. 

Favorite Eye Shadow of the Month: Notoriously Morbid’s Fates Untold

notoriously morbid fates untoldI’ll be honest, I’m not going to be able to wear this shade a lot. That being said, Notoriously Morbid nailed an awesome duochrome with Fates Untold this month. So let’s give credit, where credit is due. And I love me a duochrome. So shifty and pretty.

From what I saw on Facebook there might be consideration of bringing Fates Untold into the regular line, so if you missed out on this shadow, keep your eyeballs open for that.

For more on this month’s Notoroiusly Morbid check out my March review.

Favorite Lipstick of the Month: Hello Waffle’s First Born Lipstick, currently for sale at about $6 USD.

hello waffle First Born ChildI’m sitting here debating if I want to grab another First Born Lipstick from the March Visages Extras that Christine lists for sale on the Hello Waffle website. I loved the lipstick that much that I feel like I need backups.

I just feel like this is the perfect daily color for me. I can wear it to work, I can wear it out, and it looks great with everything. The formula is comfortable and lasts several hours on me even with eating and drinking.

For more on this lipstick check out my March Visage review.

Favorite Blush of the Month: Aromaleigh’s Valkyrie, will be for sale in May.

Valkyrie Blush This is was a really nice natural mauve color blush on me. It’s very pigmented so I have to be careful, but I also really liked using it over lipbalm as a lip color. Multi-tasking makeup products are my favorites.

Nail Color of the Month: Julep’s Beth

Image from Julep.com

Image from Julep.com

These are obviously not my nails. I actually did this same manicure, but if I shared my picture most people would consider it a manicure fail because I have horrible nail polish game. (I was actually very proud of it.)

Needless to say, please enjoy this image of Beth. It’s a glitter polish full of gold, black, and blue sparkles. I got it for free with a $10 order from Julep, (I had some coupon or what not), and I actually really loved it. This manicure lasted for a whole week with only minimum chipping, so the formula was pretty awesome as well.

Subscription Box of the Month: Hello Waffle’s Visage, $25.

Hello Waffle March Visage ProductsClaiming a 2 month streak, Hello Waffle’s Visage box was my favorite subscription this month. It was a close call, because I really loved the natural colors in the Aromaleigh Ephemera box, but the blush and lipstick sold me on this box. Oh and the gorgeous Femme Fatale color. And that lovely deep green shadow from HW. And the over shadow. And everything basically. Obviously it was a win.

You can see my review of the Visage box here.

Favorite Indie Perfume: Limerence by Darling Clandestinedarling clandestine LimerenceI basically should have just written “ALL OF THE THINGS I GOT IN MY DARLING CLANDESTINE SPRING HAUL.”

I think Limerence was my favorite though, because it’s one of the best floral scents I’ve smelled to date. I didn’t even think I liked floral scents or needed them in my life, but this has become my go-to for when I want to smell like a feminine, fancy lady. It’s just so soft, well blended, and beautiful.

More DC goodness can be found here.

Favorite Indie Bath Product: Haus of Gloi’s Ploughman Whipped Soap, $7. Will be restocked on 4/5.

Ploughman Whipped SoapI love HoG’s whipped soaps, they are creamy and lightweight. I particularly enjoy Ploughman as a scent because it smells like a lovely garden.

Read more about the Haus of Gloi Spring scents here.

Favorite Indie Body or Hair Product: Black Violet’s Mister Green Phyto Mist. Full size for $9.

Mister Green Phyto MistI really enjoy spraying this on my damp hair before I blow dry it. It seems to make my hair less frizzy, and bonus points: it smells great.

Read more about the Black Violet Black Box here.

Favorite Beer of the Month: Clown Shoes’ Date Night Saison

Clown Shoes Date Night SaisonWhen I reflect on my beers of the month I try to think of things that really stood out to me. This month I tried a lot of new beers that stood out to me because I wasn’t really a fan.

BUT in terms of goodness, Clown Shoes’ Date Night Saison was a hit. Mr. Danger and I are still waxing poetic about it’s refreshing and well balanced flavorts.

Check out my review for more details on this guy.

Bonus Beer of the Month: Because I’ll never be able to pick just one.

rogness brewing companyIt was a month of Belgians for me, and of the many different types I tried I was really impressed with newcomer Rogness Brewing Company’s Belfort. (Although I want to call if Buford for some reason. Who knows.) I think it’s really easy to mess up a Belgian Strong Ale and these guys got it just right.

Check out more of my review on Buford Belfort here.


march favorite thingsWell, I hope April has more days than March. I would really appreciate a full month!

Judging by the way my life has been this year, I have a feeling it’s going to fly by. But hopefully it will be filled with glitter and wonderful things as it does.

Enjoy your weekend friends! See you tomorrow for Subscription Saturday!



Questions of the Day:
-Did your March have 12, 30, or 3598 days?
-What were some of your March favorites?


2 thoughts on “Happy Hour: March Favorites!

  1. I absolutely love Ploughman Whipped Soap and the Phyto Mist! The Phyto Mist will probably have to be in my April favorites, I’m going to need more though.

    • Haus of Gloi’s Whipped Soaps are probably my favorite creamy soap, and Ploughman makes me feel like I’m in a garden! (Which I know it weird for soap smells, but it’s so lovely!)

      And yeah, I was surprised how much I like the Phyto Mist! It’s probably going to become my go-to detangler/spray-in conditioner, too!

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