Subscription Saturday: Wantable Accessories-April 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your weekend going? I am going to be lazzzzyyy today. And by lazy I mean write a lot of blog posts, do grad school work and go for a run. Laaaaazzzzyyy.

After taking a month off from Wantable, I decided to grab an April Accessories Box. I’ve had some Important Life Stuff happening lately and I figured-treat yo self.

And getting a box full of jewelry always feels like a treat to me.

So check out what I got this month!

wantable accessories box april 2015

The technical stuff: A Wantable Accessories subscription costs $36 a month, and subscribers receive a $4 credit. You take a fairly detailed profile quiz ranking your accessory likes and dislikes, and every month 4-5 pieces will be sent to you. Wantable also offers similar subscriptions in Makeup and Intimates, (though I’ve never tried them).

It appears Wantable has also introduced a feature where you can now return parts of your box for partial credit. I haven’t done this yet, but it seems like a great idea to help customers who might not like the risk value of paying $40 for jewelry they may or may not life.

I’ve been with Wantable for several months now and you can find some of my other reviews here.

The good stuff: The theme this month was natural elements, like semi-precious stones, and bold colors for Spring.

Here’s what I had on my profile this month:

Wantable Info Card Likes and Dislikes

The jig is up, my real name is not Rebs. It’s Rebecca.

I saw that Wantable takes requests now, so I decided to try that out this month. However, I don’t know why I asked for pieces that would be good for “going out”. My going out consists of dive bars and beer gardens. You don’t really need going out jewelry for that. You don’t even really need to be fully dressed. Oh well, I tried.

So here’s my April Collection:

Wantable April Accessories Box


Sabrina Necklace, Retail Value $26

Wantable Accessories Sabrina NecklaceI don’t think I like this necklace. It’s way flashier than my normal style for one, and it has neon yellow stones. I don’t like yellow. I also have no idea what to wear it with. I’m thinking a black shirt and jeans…but what else? It’s not very versatile. There is also no way I could wear this to work. Everybody would be blinded by my bling, no work would get done.

I think someone else could totally pull this off. But it’s not me at all. I’m actually debating trying their return process for this. It seems I’ll get $13.50 back, and returning it’s free. I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle, (it’s hard for me to get to the post office during normal hours.)

Dara Earrings, Retail Price $14

Wantable Accessories DaraI like these earrings, they’re pretty and have a antique-retro vibe to them. I can definitely see this dressing up a work outfit.

Cayla Necklace, Retail $25Wantable Necklace Accessories CaylaOk, I think I like this necklace. It’s a bit chunkier than I like my statement necklaces, and I probably wouldn’t have picked white and grey stones, but overall I can work with this. I can pair this with a variety of things and dress it up or down, so it’s a keeper.

Candence Earrings, Retail Value $12

Candence Earrings Wantable AccessoriesThis matches with the Cayla Necklace that I also got this month. I didn’t really like that Wantable sent me a matching set to be honest. I never wear matching sets and it just seems kinda lazy I guess?

I actually prefer this stone setting in an earring form, and I’ve already worn these earrings out and about. They’re really comfortable and work great in a beer garden setting. And I can wear them to work, so definitely a win.

Wantable Accessories Box April

Overall:Wantable Info Card

This month’s total value was $77, which was about twice what I paid. I don’t think returning the one necklace is worth the $13, so I’ll probably just keep everything.

The earrings in this collection were a hit for me, but the necklaces were just meh. I think I’m going to get another box next month, but ask for really simple pieces. I’ve been getting a lot of statement jewelry from them, and I want to expand my collection a bit. Wantable allows you to review the things you receive, so hopefully my input will guide their choices a bit more.

I do feel like Wantable is trying really hard to create a really good customer service experience. Over the past few months I’ve seen them make a lot of positive changes that better serve the customer, (like the returns process, earning credits for keeping your box, and allowing customers to skip months, like I did.) I also received a hand written note in my box. I like these small touches that make it seem like this company is actively listening and participating with their customer base.

Anyway, not my favorite box, but I’ll definitely use most of it and I’m looking forward to May!

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this Wantable Box?
-How would you wear the yellow necklace? Any empowering tips?
-Have you tried Wantable?





3 thoughts on “Subscription Saturday: Wantable Accessories-April 2015

  1. I definitely agree that Wantable’s Customer Service has been pretty great. I’ve gotten a few of the intimates boxes, and I haven’t really been wow’ed yet. I did take advantage of the return process, and the most annoying part was just getting the box to the post office. You’ve got me curious about the accessories box, though. I might be interested in giving that a try instead!

  2. I got the white and gray necklace last month and I love it so much. It’s so cute with a plain gray boyfriend t-shirt and jeans, or with a fun dress. I think the color scheme makes it more versatile. I actually like the one with the neon. I think it could be paired with a casual t-shirt too to tone down the bling.

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