EOTD/BOTD: Game of Thrones Inspired

Hey friends!

Happy Wednesday!

I think I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a Game of Thrones fan. I’ve read the books, I drink the beer, and I watch the show, (through my fingers because I can’t handle gore). In honor of the new season premiering this Sunday, I thought today would be a great time to go with a gratuitously themed EOTD/BOTD post.

I’ve got not one, but TWO, EOTDs using shades from Notoriously Morbid’s Game of Thrones Vanishing Cabinets. And the Valar Morguhlis Dubbel Ale from Ommegang Brewery! It doesn’t get any more themed than that.


EOTD is coming.

beer of the day eye of the day

Eye of the Day #1: Fates Untold and With Sword and ShieldNotoriously Morbid Fates UntoldRemember how I told that Fates Untold was amazeeeeballs? Well this picture doesn’t do it justice, but I think you can see the glowy green duochrome properties here.

Anyway, I’ve got Fates Untold on my eyelid over glitter primer, and then just a bit of With Sword and Shield in the outer corner and blended into the crease. I also foiled Hello Waffle’s Rumpelstiltskin’s to use as an eyeliner. I didn’t put a lot on because I at the time I had a mild freak out that the greens looked weird together. In retrospect, I like it.

Eye of the Day #2- Notoriously Morbid’s Fires Untold

notoriously morbid fires untold

Fires Untold has grown on me SO MUCH. I am loving how versatile it is. For this look I put Fires Untold on my eye lid over GDE Glitter Fix. Then I put some of Notoriously Morbid’s Northman in the outer corner. I used some shades from Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar, I believe Semi-Sweet in the crease, and then Salted Caramel Above it. And finally I used Notoriously Morbid’s new highlighter on my brow.

And I did a wing look? Heaven help us. Maybe by the time I’m 30 I’ll learn how to do a wing flawlessly.

Beer of the Day: Ommegang’s Valar Moghulis

Valar Morguilis BEER

I actually have not enjoyed Game of Thrones beers in the past. I think they are all kinda lackluster and boring. However, the bestie gave us Valar Morghulis for Christmas, and it’s actually a decent beer! (And by Game of Thrones beer standards its ridiculously amazing.)

Ommegang Says: Valar Morghulis possesses a deep chestnut brown color with a persistent and creamy tan head. Rich aromas of caramel, toffee, ripe fruits and burnt sugar, with a hint of cloves. The taste is delicately balanced with rich malty sweetness, caramel and just enough bitterness to balance out its malty backbone. A surprisingly dry finish is light on the tongue, which belies the initial aroma.

Rebs Says:This has a lovely ruby color which matches the theme pretty well. It has hints of caramel and malt, but the real stars are the fruit notes. Plums, apricots and figs are strong flavors here, with just a hint of a spicy note, like cinnamon in the background. This has a surprisingly light body, but overall it’s a really nice offering for a Dubbel.

Rebs’ Rating: 3.80 out of 5 Stars. (Yep that’s right, I just made a weird half rating.)

That’s it for today, friends! Hope Wednesday treats you right!

Questions of the Day:
-Do you watch or read GoT?
-What are your thoughts on GoT beers?
-Which GoT character do you most relate to? I’m pretty sure I’d be Sansa. Or that one peasant that randomly died. That guy feels me.




3 thoughts on “EOTD/BOTD: Game of Thrones Inspired

  1. Bonjour Brittany says:

    I haven’t read the books (I really want to because I love reading), but I do watch the show (when it comes out on BluRay because we don’t have HBO). My husband and I are both pretty obsessed. How do the books compare to the show? I have a vacation coming up and need a couple of books for the pair of four hour flights I’ll be taking and was thinking GoT would be a good companion.

    • In true nerd fashion, I think the books are better than the show. They’re so much more detailed and rich. The GoT show runners also have taken some creative liberties that I don’t always agree with so, I’m definitely a book fan. That being said, sometimes I have to Google a character because I can’t remember who they are. (There’s like a bazillion people in the GoT World.) But they’re a good read! 1-3 are my favorites!

      • Bonjour Brittany says:

        See I normally read the book before I watch the movie or show. This has been the exception to my rule! I’m definitely going to pick them up before my trip! I need to nerd out a bit. 🙂

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