Happy Hour: Freeman Masks and Black Raz

Hey friends!

This is the shortest Happy Hour ever because I am headed out of town! I decided in light of the bananas week I’ve had, today would be a good day to share some of my favorite relaxation products, the Freeman Black Sugar Mask and the Chocolate Strawberry Mask. And keeping that theme I have a chocolate raspberry beer, Black Raz that is sooooooo decadent and delicious.

So check it out!

happy hour freeman masks

Beauty Product of the Week: Freeman Masks
freeman masksThe Freeman masks are such an awesome affordable treat. At $4 each, it’s really a steal. I’ve tried several from their line but these two are my favorites.

The Black Sugar Mask is infamous on the Internet and its popularity is well earned. It smells great and gently exfoliates. I swear my skin always looks brighter and smoother after using it.

The Chocolate Strawberry Mask smells like a delicious dessert. You let it sit until it dries, and it really helps with balancing my combination skin.

freeman mask textureAnd here is a lovely picture of the textures: Black Sugar on top and Chocolate Strawberry on bottom.

Beer of the Week: Buffalo Bayou Brewing Black Raz

buffalo bayou black razSo when I take a bath, I personally enjoy a dark beer for sipping. And Black Raz has been my love lately. Since it recently got bottled, I’ve collected a small hoard because I never want to run out.

It’s a perfect combination of chocolate and raspberries. I usually hate fruit beers, but here it’s just a slight berry taste in the background. The chocolate note is rich and deep, with an almost imperceptible roasted note from the black malt.

It needs to warm up a bit, but then it’s smooth and creamy. I am such a fan of this decadent beer. I kinda want it to be on tap in my house.

freeman masks

That’s it for this weekend friends! I don’t plan to have anything up until Monday, due to my adventures this weekend. If you’re interested in keeping up, feel free to follow me on Instagram at BeautyOnABeerBudget.

Happy Weekend!

Love, Rebs!

9 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Freeman Masks and Black Raz

  1. Grateful Geek says:

    I am also a huge fan of dark beer and always trying different brewers! Facial masks are tricky for me with my sensitive skin I tend to break out after using them 😦

    • I used to have really terrible skin, (before my dermatologist and I became BFFs), and the Black Sugar Mask was always fine with my skin as long as I used it very gently, and didn’t scrub it off. (Can’t speak for the Chocolate Strawberry one and breakouts because I started using that one post-dermatologist.)
      And yes dark beer! It’s so wonderful.

      • Grateful Geek says:

        Mmmm I think I might have one of my beers tonight…and thanks for that input I’ll have to try one.

    • I thought it worked really well with my combination skin: not too drying and not too heavy either. Be warned: it will make you want a chocolate dessert, it smells so good!

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