Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s April Mystery Bag

Hey friends!

After a brief and unexpected hiatus-I’m back! I missed you guys! How are you? How was your week? Did anything exciting happen on the internet while I was gone?

I took time off from blogging because I had a bunch of Grown Up Real Life things come up all at once, (all good things, no worries!), that required all my time and energy. I haven’t heard back on any of my efforts from this past week yet, so I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

Now that I’m in the restless waiting phase of Grown Up Real Life things, I have time to return to my regular blogging schedule! So today I have Rainbow Honey’s April Mystery Bag to share with you, which is perfect timing because my nails have had to be boring mauve adult colors all week. BRING ON THE GLITTER.

Check out the Rainbow Honey April Mystery Bag!

rainbow honey april 2015 mystery bag


Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish, bath and beauty company. They also offer nail care products like cuticle creams, base coats, and scented top coats.

Every month Rainbow Honey sends out both a Full size, ($25) and a Mini, ($12) Mystery Bag filled with several nail polishes and skin care items based around the scent of the month. I get the mini because I am cheap, and also because I can never finish a bottle of nail polish. The bag usually ships around the 7th-9th of the month and shows up at my house about 3-4 days later.

Check out more of my Rainbow Honey reviews here.

And you can sign up on the Rainbow Honey website if you’re interested in trying out a Mystery Bag, too!

Good Stuffs: April’s Mystery Bag featured 3 new colors apparently inspired by customer feedback, and some new summer scents that will be coming out soon.
rainbow honey mystery bag april 2015Is my April theme too obvious?

Melon Fizz Sugar Lip Scrub:

rainbow honey melon fizz lip scrub

I like Rainbow Honey’s Lip Scrub. It feels more moisturizing than my Lush Lip Scrub, (which literally just scrubs). This smells like sweet, bubbly melon, and I do think it will be perfect for summer. That being said, I personally hate melon, so I decided to just sniff this and I’m going to pass it on to a lucky friend.

Melon Fizz Nourishing Lip Balm

rainbow honey melon fizz lip balmRainbow Honey’s Lip Balms are nice, they smell fragrant and they lightly moisturize instead of being really slick. They aren’t my most moisturizing lip balm, but now that it’s approaching HUMIDSUMMER, (that’s the season we have where I live), I may not need a very heavy lip balm, and these will work well in that regard.
Again, since this was a melon scent, (and really in terms of melon scents, it was almost pleasant, which is saying something because melon is evil), I am passing it on to a friend.

Pomelo Scented Cuticle OilRainbow Honey Cuticle Oil PomeloI LOVE Rainbow Honey’s cuticle oils, in fact my old Frozen Flame one from December was a life saver this past week when I needed my cuticles to look grown up, and not all raggedy. (Apparently professional adults don’t have a terrible habit of abusing their cuticles. Whatevs.)

Anyway, I am loving this Pomelo scent, it’s perfect for summer. It smells citrusy and bright, so not only do my cuticles look better, they also smell nice. It’s a happiness win-win.

My only complaint with my cuticle oil was I got a funky brush. The strands were kinda stuck together and hard, making application weird. This has never happened to me with a RH product, so I think I just got a weirdo brush. And it’s not going to prevent me from using it, so I will get over the funkiness.

Thistle Tresses-Adorn your nails with this vivid blend of violet, blue, and teal glitters! Top your manicure or accent nail with sparkly floral stunner!

Thistle Tresses Rainbow Honey

3 coats of polish used in swatch

After a week of boring professional nails, I may have shouted, “That’s what I’m talking about!” when I saw this glitter topper. Then I immediately regretted my decision to do that, but still. Glitter. I was pumped.

I love this combo of blue-purple glitter and I want to put it over everything. I think I might go paint my light switch with this. And my dog. Just everything basically.

Eidolon-Explore your spiritual curiosity with this shimmery gold-purple that’s out of this world!

eidolon Rainbow Honey

4 coats on swatch

My swatch doesn’t really capture the shimmer in this, but it’s a really subtle, pretty bit of shine. I ended up using 4 coats of polish because I wanted to achieve the lovely purple color in the bottle, and these coats are fairly light. That being said, I like that you can build this up for a more deep shimmer or leave it lighter if you need something more subtle. I’m a fan!

Delphine-Celebrate spring with Delphine, a pastel blueberry creme packed with our signature shimmer blend!

3 coats on swatch

3 coats on swatch

I used 3 coats on my swatch, but I probably could have gone with just 2, because this applies pretty opaquely. I don’t wear a lot of pastel colors, but I actually think this is a really pretty sky blue. I don’t see much shimmer in this, but just wait until I put that Thistle Tresses Glitter Topper over this. It’s going to be amaaaaazing.

Overall:Rainbow Honey Msyery BagI really LOVED the colors in this month’s bag. Between those 3 blue-purple polishes, and the cuticle oil, I am one happy lady. The melon products seem great, (despite their evil scent), and I’m sure my friends will enjoy them.

This was definitely a winning month for me, and I think I’m going to stick around with Rainbow Honey for longer!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this Mystery Bag?
-Do you have a fruit that you can’t stand?
-Do you have any tips for when you are waiting on an important phone call and you just want to stare at your phone and pace around your house at the same time?

I’ll be back tomorrow for Subscription Sunday! Have a great Saturday!








4 thoughts on “Subscription Saturday: Rainbow Honey’s April Mystery Bag

  1. My brush was stiff too this month and so was my brush in Pomme rouge that I ordered last month. It was on back up so it’s also the black cap/brush whereas the older cuticle oils have white caps and clear or white brushes. I emailed RH and they suggested cleaning it and fanning out the bristles but that a few extra brushes would be sent with my order I placed this month.

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