Special Guest Post: Stitch Fix Review #2

Hey friends!

My dear friend L has returned to share with us her latest Stitch Fix!

(Meanwhile, I’m still sitting over here being spending all my money on makeup and perfume. Someday I’ll get clothes. I hear they’re important.)

Check out what she got!

Stitch Fix Review Post

Technical Stuff:

Stitch Fix is a company that will send you a curated package of clothing or accessories. You take a quiz about your style preferences and can include notes to your stylist about the kind of fix you want. You can even pick the date of when you would like to receive your fix.

Your stylist will then pick 5 items out for you that will be delivered to your doorstep. You try on your items, keep what you want and mail back the rest in an already paid for mail bag.

You do pay a $20 styling fee for receiving your package, but this can be deducted from the price of any clothing item you pick. (If you don’t pick anything, you are just out $20). You can also get a 25% discount for buying all the pieces in a box.

You can see L’s original post about Stitch Fix here!

Good Stuff:

L Says: You might remember that my last fix wasn’t so great. I did end up keeping a top, but overall everything was way too small and made me feel fat. Far from the fun and delightful experience Stitch Fix is going for! But true to their reputation for excellent customer service, Stitch Fix offered to send me a new fix for free! They asked me a lot of questions about how clothes fit me, what brands I like, and what I’m looking to add to my closet.
For this fix (my 7th!), I requested comfy/casual clothes that still look polished with skinny jeans or shorts, and tops to go out since, like I said last time, I do not know how to dress myself for the bar scene. I also requested a soft denim jacket and some great summer colors. Here’s what I got:
Gilli Nicilo Sleeveless Dress – $68
Gilli Nicilo Sleeveless Dress
I saw this dress online in a teal/turqoise color and was a little disappointed that mine was black. It’s spring, I want color! I tried it on anyway and unfortunately the elastic waist just hit me in a weird place. It was above by natural waist but too low to be considered empire. It’s a cute and versatile dress, but the fit wasn’t gonna work for me. Return.
Peppercorn Chaz Henley Knit Top – $48
Stitch Fix Peppercorn Chaz Henley Knit Top
Y’all, I cannot resist stripes. It’s a sickness and I need help. So needless to say I was thrilled to see this! I love the navy trim around the neck and the cute little tabs on the sleeves. I’m also a sucker for slightly longer short sleeves. This shirt has a lot of great qualities, but I can’t decide if I want to keep it. It’s a basic, and I can’t help but think that I could find a cheaper version at Old Navy or TJ Maxx? Still thinking.
Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee – $44
Market andSpruce Sam Hi Lo Short Sleeve Tee
Pulling this out of the box, it was my favorite. The color is gorgeous and the fabric is soft. It’s also a very coveted piece on the Facebook buy/sell/trade group I stalk. But once I put it on I knew it was going back. It’s super boring, and I think the soft fabric would get a hole after just a few wears. It’s a great color but just a “meh” shirt. Return.
THML Heflin Knit Tank – $38
Stitch Fix THML Knit Tank
First off: sorry for my squinty face, the sun came out. I like this brand and this shirt was ok. My parents kept joking that I could wear it for 4th of July, and Memorial Day, and President’s Day, and Flag Day, etc. I definitely have to wear a strapless bra plus a bandeau with this to make sure there’s no visible bra. It looks better in the photo than I thought it would, and it’s a fun summer tank, but I feel like it makes my shoulders look even narrow erand my hips look even wider. Between that and the patriotic color scheme, I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing this. Return.
Liverpool Kolten Denim Jacket – $98
Liverpool Colten Denim Jacket Stitch Fix
You guys. THIS JACKET. I don’t know how to explain it. This is not the stiff denim jacket from my high school years. This is so soft and stretchy, it doesn’t feel like denim or a jacket at all. It’s like a super soft shirt. The thing is, they sent this to me in an extra-small and I think I need a size up. Stitch Fix does do size exchanges, but if I got the small and didn’t like it, I’m stuck with it. Too much of a gamble for me, but I did find it on Amazon! The exact same jacket! So I purchased the small from there and if it’s too big, I can either exchange for the XS or just return it free of charge. Returned, but bought from Amazon.
Overall:Stitch Fix 7

Overall, this fix got my style down pretty well. There were still some fit problems, but I think some of that is due to my inability to turn down the Friday donuts at my work. Stitch Fix introduces me to new brands, forces me to try styles that I wouldn’t normally try, and lets me do it all within the comfort of my own home. Getting the box delivered to my doorstep is always a treat and I’m excited to try again! Maybe after cutting back on the donuts and running a little more.
If you want to try it for yourself, consider using my referral link (I get $25 in credit): https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3072084.
Rebs Says: I agree with L on her Fix, I do not agree with her on the donut statement. I think she is adorable the way she is, and one of the main reasons I stopped using Stitch Fix is because of fitting issues. I think if you are between sizes, (like I am, and probably L), it’s hard to get some of the Stitch Fix brands to fit perfectly.
Anyway, feel free to use L’s link because I’m excited to see more of this:
L Love
Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of L’s Fix?
-Have you ever tried Stitch Fix?
Love Rebs!
(And L!)

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