Subscription Sunday: Hello Waffle’s Visage-April 2015

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As usual, I’m the last Hello Waffle Visage review on the block. But at least it’s pretty!

Check it out!
hello waffle visage april boxNote to self: Never use this background again. NEVER.

The technical stuff: Visage is a monthly subscription that costs $25, with shipping. 4-5 products for the entire face are included, usually with a guest indie company supplying one of the products. Each month has had a theme the products are based around, usually from a fairy tale or folk tale.

Visage subscription slots open on the 29th of the month, however slots are very limited and there may not be any available unless someone cancels. You can also purchase individuals items from the Visage boxes on the Hello Waffle website, they are usually released near the end of the month.

Good Stuff: The theme this month was based on the book, Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch. This was one of my favorite books as a kid, and Robert Munsch, in general, is an amazing children’s author. I thought this was a really cute idea!

Hello Waffle April Visage

It’s so cute!

As usual, an info card was included.

HW April Visage

So let’s get to it!

To Save a Prince Eyeshadow: Shimmery peach gold

hello waffle to save a princeI did the top half of this swatch over Urban Decay’s Potion Primer, and the bottom over Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix. but it looked pretty much the same to me over both.Hello Waffle recently introduced a new eye shadow formula, and it’s fabulous. The formula was buttery smooth and extremely pigmented. As a neutral fiend, I absolutely loved this beautiful peachy gold.

A Trail of Forests Eyeshadow-Shimmery bronze

hello waffle a trail of forestsAnother beautiful warm neutral this month! This one is a bit deeper bronze colored over the Glitter Fix, but other than that it swatches almost identically over the primers. Again, the formula is creamy and pigmented, and this is just a really nice bronze color. I have some in my collection like this already, but the pigmentation sets this one apart.

Dark Matter Makeup Eyeshadow in Draconis-Shimmery bright green with gold duochrome

dark matter makeup draconis

Top half over Urban Decay Potion Primer, bottom half over Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix

This is a nice light green with a gold sparkle. I think it’s stunning over GDE Glitter Fix, but it’s very subtle over UDPP. Stylistically, I like the jar this eye shadow comes in, but for function I still prefer the regular little jars most indie companies use. It’s just easier to get the product out. I ended up tapping eye shadow into the tiny little lid so I could use the shadow without making a gigantic mess.

Nothing But a Paper Bag Blush- Shimmery bronzer

Nothing But a Paper Bag Blush Hello Waffle

Swatched over bare skin

I don’t really use bronzer except in the late Spring and Summer months, so it’s perfect timing for this product. It’s a very soft, light brown with just a hint of shimmer.

Smells Like Ashes Lip Color-Nude, leans slightly pinkSmells Like AshesIt’s almost a general rule that “nude, leaning pink” lip colors do not work on me. They make my lips too pale and I look like a creepy ghost woman. Unfortunately, that’s the case here. However! If you’re a nude-loving lady, I think is a really perfect color for you! It’s a creamy, pretty pink-nude. It applied smoothly, although I did need a few layers to get a nice darkness.

Around the World Lip Color- Bright, sunset orange

Around the World Hello WaffleI adore orange lipstick. I’ve got a whole post about it here, I love it that much. So I was really excited about this color. And it is really pretty! Unfortunately, on my mauve-brown lips, it comes across more red than orange. It’s also pretty sheer on me, I had to use a couple of layers to get it as dark as I would like. I will probably keep using my other orange-red lipsticks I love, but this is nice when I want a lighter, more subtle orange.

Look:Hello waffle visage look aprilI ended up applying A Trail of Forests over Glitter Fix all over the eye. I bit of Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate in the crease, and To Save a Prince on the brow bone. Draconis I foiled on the lower lash line, and I went over it with a bit of dark matte brown from Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette. I used Nothing But a Paper Bag to lightly contour on my face. I ended with Around the World as the lip color.

 Close up of my Eyeball:

Hello Waffle April Visage EOTD


Hello Waffle April VisageMy favorite part of this box was definitely the eye shadows. They are such gorgeous warm neutrals, I know I’ll be using them for months to come. I am completely loving the new formula too, it applies so buttery smooth.

Again, another wonderful box from Hello Waffle. I have to say, Visage is easily becoming my favorite subscription this year. We’ll have to see what she comes up with for May, which is my birthday month! (I get very excited about May, and naturally feel everyone should. MAY! BIRTHDAY! YAS!)

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Visage?
-Have you ever read any Robert Muncsh books?
-Are you excited about May? YOU NEED TO BE.



PS: Barring any dinosaur attacks, alien abductions, etc, I plan to resume a normal blogging schedule this week. Given how my life has been lately, I know many of you are laughing at this claim. BUT I WILL DO MY BEST!



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