Sugar and Spite: Oh the Horror! Wax Tart Sampler

Hey friends!

Today I have a post that doesn’t fall into any of the normal categories I write about, but it smells so nice I wanted to share it. We can say it falls into a new category of “Indie Lifestyle”. No, that sounds weird. “Indie etc”.  There you go.

Today I’m sharing Sugar and Spite’s Oh the Horror! Wax Tart Sampler pack. Never before have I dived into the world of wax tarts, but I quickly learned there’s a very loyal community. And the first rule of wax tarts is to talk about wax tarts. (Seriously, I watched a couple of Youtube videos on wax tarts. I didn’t even know there would be content to make a Youtube video of, but that just shows how ignorant I used to be to the world of wax tarts.)

Anyway, when I saw Sugar and Spite offering wax tarts, I decided I had to try them out. I mean there’s only so much skin I can apply perfume to, so tarts really opened the realm of wonderful smell possibilities!

So check it out!

sugar and spite oh the horror wax sampler

Technical Stuff: Sugar and Spite is an indie perfume and soap company. I’ve ordered perfume samples from them before and enjoyed their selection and service. (You can read about my Halloween experience here.)

For this wax tart sampler, I ordered it impulsively on the day it came out, April 11th. It was $16 for 8 wax tarts, and $5 for shipping, so I spent about $21. It shipped on April 14th and I received it April 16th, which was pretty awesome! I had no problems with my order and was a happy lady.

This sample pack is currently sold out, but I think she will be releasing more sample packs as time goes on. For example, there was a pre-order for her Villians Wax Tart sample pack that just happened. It’s currently sold out too, but I have a feeling she’s going to keep creating these waxes. Just keep your eyes open.

Good Stuff:  True to the theme, this came packaged with a noose. I tried to throw the noose away but Mr. Danger salvaged it. Why is my husband this way? Why.

sugar and spite wax tart horrorIt also came with some nicely designed postcards and a helpful info card. Sugar and Spite definitely has an eye for design.

Sample Tarts: I got two free samples! They’re little mini guys in Lips Like Sugar and She-Bop. Lips Like Sugar smells super sweet like candy and She-Bop smells kinda vanilla-berry-ish to me.

sugar and spite sample tartsThen the Oh the Horror! Set

Sugar and Spite Horror Wax Tart Sampler

Since these are no longer available I feel bad giving you guys a super detailed smell-a-thon, plus they aren’t as complex as perfume oils can be,AND I haven’t actually melted all of them yet, so I’m just going to go with my general thoughts on each one.

Thorn- The Omen (1976) Warm zucchini bread, dead wood, maple, and tonka bean. I’m not allowed to melt this one yet because Mr. Danger loves the skull in it too much. (He’s very interested in wax tarts now,too). However, in the plastic container it smells like warm bread and earth to me, a warm, rich combo. (Not melted yet.)

He Has His Fathers Eyes – Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Warm sugarmilk, sweet lavender and great big fluffy marshmallows. This smells sweet in a warm, comforting way. I don’t get much lavender, but I also haven’t melted it yet.

Mr. Bates – Psycho (1960) Apple pie, French vanilla, sandalwood and a tiny drop of red rose. Mother would approve. This smells like cinnamon to me, but when I read the description it made sense that it was actually apple pie. This smells like it would be a perfect fall scent. (Not melted yet.)

Evil Ed – Fright Night (1985) Spiced pumpkin bread, whipped cream frosting, and tea spiked with red and black currants. This smells like Christmas to me,kinda like pine and berries, I have no idea why because none of those ingredients should smelly Christmasy. I haven’t melted this one yet, but the scents seem to get richer with melting, and maybe this tart will come across more like its description then. It’s not bad, I just don’t get any pumpkin or whipped cream at all. (Not melted yet.)

Overlook Hotel – The Shining (1980) Icy, snowy wintergreen, cedarwood, vanilla ice cream, and sweet white musk. This one smells very clean and winter fresh to me, I can totally imagine a hotel on a snowy white hill. It makes my house smell really fresh, which is rarely it’s state of existence, so definitely a bonus. (Melted!)

 Pennywise – It (1990) Boozy buttered rum, toasted marshmallows, lemon gumdrops, and honeysuckle blooms. We all float down here. This is the first one I melted because the description seemed like something I could convince Mr. Danger to get behind. (He hates candles, so I knew if I was going to smell up the house, I needed to make him a believer. Good news: it worked!) I mostly got a sweet faintly lemon smell from this, but it smelled amazing. I would put this tart on, forget about, then get a waft of it later and shout, “WHAT AM I BAKING?! IT SMELLS SO GOOD!” Then I would get sad because I wasn’t actually baking anything and there were no treats for me. But that’s how good this smelled! (Melted)

Candyman – Candyman (1992) Crystallized honey, butter taffy and vanilla laced patchouli- This smells like delicious sweet honey. I love honey, so I’m a fan. (Not melted yet.)

There’s no Place Like London – Sweeney Todd (2007) Barber shop cologne, wood smoke, oat porridge and brandied pears- Mr. Danger and I call this scent “Man Berries” because it smells vaugely masculine, but there’s something fruity about it. I find it very pleasant, he can only handle it in two hour bursts.

Some Action Adventure Pictures of Melting with the Pennywise Wax Tart

Sugar and Spite Pennywise

This is Pennywise. So cute!

l put this tart in my super fancy wax tart burner. Just kidding, it’s from Target and the lightbulb is broken but it still works so here we go:

Sugar and Spite Wax Tart meltThen about an hour later it melts into liquid. But the really good smells that fill the house come after about two hours and stay strong until about an hour after your turn the burner off.

sugar and spite pennywise meltingSo far I’ve burnt a tart for about 4-5 hours straight and the smell lasted the entire time. I’ve also burnt on intermittently for about 5 hours, and the good smells are still there. So I’m thinking I’ll be able to get some wear out of these guys. I’m not sure how long wax tarts last in general, but these seem up to par.

To change out the tarts I’ve just placed the burner part in the freezer for a few minutes, then pulled it out with a fork. I’m storing in them in Ziplock bags and I don’t seem to have any problem retaining the scents.


So am I wax tart fan? Definitely! These scents are all really pleasant and they make my whole house smell great. I’ve really liked every one I’ve melted so far, but I have a feeling my favorites will be Pennywise, His Father’s Eyes, and There’s No Place Like London. I went ahead and purchased the Villains Sampler, (Mr. Danger and I agreed that wax tarts need to be a thing in our house now), and I’m excited to get it!

Questions of the Day:
-Are you a member of Wax Tart Club?
-Have you ever ordered from Sugar and Spite?
-Tell me more of your Wax Tart secrets.








8 thoughts on “Sugar and Spite: Oh the Horror! Wax Tart Sampler

  1. Ugh I am so jealous you got this! I just missed this set and I wanted it so bad! Super frustrated that it seems like she’s just going to move on to new sets instead of bringing some of them back. I did grab the Villains set though, so I am glad about that.

    • It was such an impulse purchase, (I was sitting there debating- do I really need to spend $20 on wax tarts…I kinda need a new bath mat. And wax tarts won.), but I’m so glad i did it. My house has smelled great and Mr. Danger and I have wayyyy to much fun picking out which one to try next. Cheap thrills.

      I think the Villains sampler will be even better!

  2. Thank you for the lovely review!!! I’m so glad you were happy with your order. I saw the comment above about my moving on without bringing things back, and rest assured I will be doing a customer favorites poll soon, and will bring back favorites in full size!! 🙂


    • Oh good! I was also thinking how sad I’n going to be when my Pennywise tart runs out.
      And yes, I loved the sampler! I’m completely converted to the wax tart side!

  3. Heather says:

    Great review! I missed out on this one but I was able to grab the villians set! I didn’t think this was possible but after reading your review I’m even more so excited for it to come! I really hope she continues to create these Set’s!! Thanks the the Review 🙂

  4. Sadly, I did not buy these sets. : ( I did, however, purchase other wax tarts from Sugar & Spite. So far, since I am a tad on the lazy side, I have not melted them yet, but the package certainly smells great when I walk by. My daughter got me hooked on Lysa’s wonderful scent combos in soap and perfume oil blends that are just beyond heavenly, or hellishly fantastic–if you prefer that phrase. I highly recommend everything. The shipping is really quick, and the packaging is so creative I hate to even open it when they arrive. But, I do because I just can’t help myself!

    • She has a great eye for design, and yes everything smells amazing. I’m melting His Fathers Eyes right now and it’s soooo good, like delicious white cake with lavender. I’ll definitely be keeping up with her shop!

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