Happy Hour: Sinful Colors Spring Nail Polish and Dogfish Indian Brown Ale

Hey friends!

How are you? By the time you read this, I will be driving off into the horizon in my new car. And by that I mean I’m visiting by bestie this weekend!! (And I did buy a new car. FINALLY. I’ve had the same car since 2004 and it was a hot mess. I sorely needed a new vehicle since I live in a state with the worst public transportation EVER.)

All of this calls for a celebration! So let’s kick off Happy Hour! Today I’ve got some fun Sinful Colors glitter toppers and a cool twist on an Ale by Dogfish Head, their Indian Brown Ale.

So check it out!

sinful colors happy hour

Please enjoy your makeup and booze responsibly

Beauty Product of the Week: Sinful Colors Glitter Toppers (Various, detailed below, $1.99 each)

Sinful Colors Bloom Blast

I don’t ever buy Sinful Colors. I think I may have like 1 bottle of polish from them and it’s probably from 2009 and needs to be thrown away.

That being said, I could not resist these glitter toppers. $1.99 for sparkles? Yes, please. Most of these toppers are from the Bloom Blast Collection, but I somehow managed to grab an old polish from their Pinata Collection. The Bloom Blast Collection is still available in most drugstores and Target, the Pinata you might have to catch hanging around randomly like I did.

And PS: I swatch nail polish on swatch sticks because my actual nails are terrifying. My cuticles cause nightmares. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to fix, so just spare yourselves and look at the swatch sticks instead.

Fierce Fiesta from the Pinata Collection

Sinful Colors Fierce Fiesta

Swatched bare, 2 coats

I don’t have any official descriptions for this, but it’s a mix of yellow, red and blue glitter, with a few big flakes of pink and some white confetti. This is so fun and would be great over red, coral, turquoise, etc.

Flower Power-Bloom Blast Collection

Sinful Colors Flower Power

Swatched bare, 2 coats

I say this is a Glitter Topper, but I think Flower Power is actually opaque enough to wear on its own. I love the super feminine vibe of this, it looks like the perfect Valentine’s Day nail. Which won’t stop be from wearing it in the summer at all. It has glitter. It’s timeless.

Petal Be The Day- Bloom Blast Collection

Petal Be The Day Sinful Colors

3-4 coats. I don’t know the exact amount because I started getting annoyed and just throwing nail polish on my swatch.

This one kinda bummed me out because it looked opaque in the bottle, but nope, it’s definitely a glitter topper. It’s really pretty blue and purple glitter and I think it would look great over purple, light blue, or gray nails.

Standing Bloom Only- Bloom Blast Collection

standing bloom only sinful colors

2 coats, pretty pigmented.

I almost didn’t get this polish because I don’t typically like orange nail polish, however at $1.99 it was worth the risk. And I actually really like it, it’s such a fun summer orange with red glitter, I’ll definitely be rocking it in the upcoming months.

Here is a real life pic of my scary nails wearing Fierce Fiesta over a red color by Julep. Sinful Colors Fierce Fiesta

So if you want a fun glittery topper, with an awesome budget price, definitely check out these Sinful Colors polishes!

Beer of the Week: Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Mr. Danger says I’ve become quite the hop head this past year, and he might be right. As delicious as this is, you pretty much have to enjoy hops to get behind the Indian Brown Ale.

It starts off pretty sweet with flavors of chocolate and coffee, and you can pick up on hints on brown sugar. I also pick up on a nice, malty taste. That sweet, bready flavor gives way to a kick of hops. The overall taste is very rich, and very deep, especially for a brown ale. In fact, I’ve never really had a brown ale quite like this, and I actually appreciate the twist on the style.

This is the kind of beer you would want to drink on a clear, cool night as Spring starts to change to summer. I think it’s a really unique twist on a brown ale, and if you like hops and rich flavors, I recommend giving this a try!

Questions of the Day:
-Have you tried any Sinful Colors?
-What’s your favorite beer for warmer weather?
-Any fun weekend plans?








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