Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-May 2015

Hey friends!

I’m a little belated on Subscription Sunday because I spent the whole day with friends and family. However, I have to share Aromaleigh’s May Ephemera Box because it’s pretty amazing this month. (AKA the best month of the year, my birthday month). Really friends, you should check this out.

aromaleigh ephemera box mat 2015

Technical Stuff:

This subscription is about $18 a month and so far we’ve been receiving at least 4 products, plus samples. (Although they aren’t always promised, they’re more of a happy surprise.). At the moment you have to put your name on a waiting list to be able to get a slot in the subscription, as spaces are very limited.

However, there are limited quantities of Ephemera overstocks on sale now at the Aromaleigh website! So you do have a chance to grab any singles that caught your eye!

You can also see my other Ephemera reviews here.

Good Stuff: The theme this month was inspired by Anne Boleyn. I always love the historical stories behind many of Aromaleigh’s products, and Anne Boleyn is such a fascinating woman. I thought this was a really unique and lovely theme. The information card has more:

Aromaleigh Ephemera May 2015

The good stuff inside the box:

Aromaleigh May Ephemera Box

And the colors this month were absolutely gorgeous and feminine.

Besotted-A smooth, lustrous copper with violet tones.

aromaleigh besotted

Too Faced Shadow Insurance on Bottom, GDE Glitter Fix on top.


I absolutely love this new formula, it’s so creamy smooth it basically applies like butter. The color on this is also gorgeous, it’s a pinkish copper that is feminine and stunning. I swatched it over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and GDE Glitter Fix, and it basically came out the same, with the Glitter Fix making the base a tad darker and lasting a bit longer.

La Plus Heureuse-A celebratory regal purple, with gold and copper sparkle and shimmer.

aromaleigh le plus heuruse

Too Faced Shadow Insurance On Bottom, GDE Glitter Fix on top.


This was the sample in last month’s box, and I was so looking forward to getting the full sized. It’s a beautiful deep purple with tons of gold glitter. I’ve tried it in the outer corner but I agree with the info card in that it will probably be a gorgeous liner. Over GDE Glitter Fix the glitter stands out more, but the Shadow Insurance works well with this, too.

More Swatch Pictures in case my above swatches didn’t do justice:

aromaleigh ephemera may box

 Marquess Highlighter-Soft violet with golden highlights.

Aromaleigh MarquessI would have never thought that I would like a lavender based highlighter, but this is so pretty. It adds a really beautiful glow, but it’s actually very subtle. I’m really loving it for a soft highlight.

Lady Perseverance Blush-The perfect coral rose blossom, freshly pinched from the wine, with delicate lustre.

Lady PerseveranceThis is a pinkish-coral blush, again it’s really feminine and soft. It makes a lovely bright blush and it’s very buildable. I do have to be careful to not use too much or I get super pink cheeks, but I it’s a great spring/summer blush color.






Aromaleigh Eye look

I loved using these products, I thought they made such a pretty look. (Minus my eyebrows, which are my own fault.) I did this whole look over GDE Glitter Fix. I used Besotted on most of my eyelid, and blended La Plus Heureuse into the outer corner and crease. I actually used Lady Perseverance as the crease shade, not sure if that’s legit, but I just made sure not to get in my eyeball. I foiled La Plus Heureuse as the outer lower lash line, and used Besotted (not foiled at all, it’s that pigmented) on the inner lower lash line.

Black Violet Enigma Perfume-Blood orange, sweet orange, benzoin, and petitgrain

Black Violet EnigmaThis smells like a Dreamsicle to me. It’s a really sweet orange with a bit of vanilla. It’s not bright like most citrus scents, but soft and sweet. It doesn’t last very long on me, but my skin also absorbs most fruit scents in like five seconds.

Bonus Freebie Shades!

Aromaleigh May Ephemera Box Freebies

Aromaleigh bonus freebie shadows

Too Faced Shadow Insurance on the left, GDE Glitter Fix on the right

Tarantula from the upcoming Galatic: Mission Two- This looks like a deep royal metallic purple. I love how shiny and metallic this looks, especially over Glitter Fix.

Tres Faulse Serpente from the June Ephemera Box- As soon as I put this metallic green with purple glitter over, I was reminded of scales. And this bodes very well for June, because this is a really cool green, and I love me a green eyeshadow. June looks super promising….

Overall:Aromaleigh May Ephemera Goodies
This is straight up my favorite Ephemera Box to date. The eye shadows were gorgeous, the formulas were great. The blush and highlighters are so beautiful, and I always love me a perfume sample. Completely a win this month!

Questions of the Day:
-What do you think of this month’s Ephemera Box?
-Have you ever tried lavender highlighters?











4 thoughts on “Aromaleigh’s Ephemera Box-May 2015

  1. My post on this month’s Ephemera box is going up tomorrow 😀 It’s so interesting how skintone changes your views on the eyeshadows. Mine all look much lighter than yours, but that’s because I have more of a medium skintone. This was seriously a great box though!

    • Awesome, I’ll have to check it out!

      I also applied a glitter primer on my eyelids before I put the eyeshadow on, so that does tend to make the color a bit darker, but yeah it’s cool how colors can look different on different skin tones. Glad you liked the box, too!

  2. Brynn Tweeddale says:

    This subscription box looks so interesting! Do you usually end up getting about the same types of stuff each month (i.e. a blush, highlighter, 2 eyeshadows)?

    • This subscription started in January and so far we’ve been getting at least 2 eye shadows and usually 2 face products (it’s been blush every time, but now we’re getting highlighters). There’s usually a bonus indie sample, too.

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