Subscription Sunday: Fortune Cookie Soap Box-Summer 2015

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was very busy! I’m finally winding down with some French Fries and Orphan Black. Comfort foods.

Anyway, today I’m finally reviewing my Fortune Cookie Soap Box! Now this is actually a quarterly subscription, rather than monthly, but I felt we could squeeze it on Subscription Sunday. Especially because it smells really awesome. And it’s Peter Pan themed. So, yes, this is happening.

Check it out!

fortune cookie soap summer 2015

The informational stuff:

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a quarterly subscription where seasonal bath, beauty, and skincare products are sent out before the launch of Fortune Cookie Soap’s new collection. This subscription costs $19.99 and is billed about every three months.

Each box comes with about 8 sample to full size products to try from the upcoming launch. It also includes a $10 off discount card to spend at the store.

You can read my other reviews of Fortune Cookie Soap Boxes here.

Though the current box is sold you, you can sign up for the Fall Soap Box here!

The good stuff:

I love getting my Fortune Cookie Soap Boxes, there always a little bit of quarterly joy. They have the most fun themes, and I was really excited about this Peter Pan themed box.

First glance:

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Box

Smells good and looks great!

And the goods:Fortune Cookie Soap Box SummerLots of interesting looking goodies this month, some classic products and some new ones. One thing I will warn you about now before we get into the individual products:I always seem to have a hard time picking out individual notes in Fortune Cookie Soap products. To me these all smell vaguely fruity, but with a few exceptions its hard for me to grab layers or background notes. I don’t mind this at all because everything smells really nice and summery, but just a fair warning.

Second Star to the Right Fortune Cookie Soap-Crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of sparkling pomelo, served over iced sugarcane

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2015This is the prettiest Fortune Cookie Soap I’ve gotten yet, I love that it looks like a night sky or space. I’m not sure how I’ll ever be able to use it because I just want to admire it. I get a fruity-berryish smell.

Tink OCD Hand Santizier-Fresh cherries in cream, sprinkled with toasted coconut and a fairy dusting of powder sugar

Tink OCD Hand SanitizerThe OCD Hand Sanitizers have really grown on my since I started getting this box about a year ago. I always keep them in my purse and when I bust them out people always start declaring, “SOMETHING SMELLS GOOD.” and asking to use my hand sanitizer. In other words, they’re a hit. This one smells fruity and sweet to me, with just a hint of coconut. There is glitter in this product, but only a trace amount showed up on my hands, so no worries if you aren’t feeling sparkly.

Lost Boys Whipped Cream-Golden apricot muddled with fresh white peaches

Lost Boys whipped CreamThe Whipped Creams are another classic product from Fortune Cookie Soap that I really like. They’re light and moisturizing and they absorb pretty quickly. They’re a good lotion for the summer because they aren’t too heavy, but they still feel nice on my skin. The Lost Boys Whipped Cream smells like, again, sweet fruits and vanilla. When I looked at the scent list I saw it was specifically peaches and apricots, which made sense, but I probably wouldn’t have guessed those fruits.

Mermaid’s Lagoon Perfume Oil

Mermaid Lagoon Perfume Oil

This perfume has a cool lava lamp effect with the green oils. To me it smells vaguely beachy and aquatic, with a bit of coconut. I’m not the biggest fan of this scent, but it sure looks cool! (Although there is a note not to spray it on clothes to avoid staining!)

Kiss Lip Balm-Exotic watermelon, juicy pineapple and coconut water, bursting with fresh citrus juices

Kiss Lip BalmThis smells bright and fruity, I can pick out the tart, citrus notes. It smells like a fruit candy, like a jolly rancher or something. As a lip balm, this is a different formula than I’m used to. It’s less creamy or waxy than my usual lip balms, but I kind of like it.

The Boy Who Never Grew Up Salt Scrub-Tropical margarita served with a salted rim

Boy Who Never Grew Up Salt Scrub


This smells just like a margarita, bright lime and salt, I am getting thirsty for a beer-rita just writing this! As a scrub, I’m not a huge fan. My scrub has a thin consistency so when I use it, it sorta just slides off before I can do any actual scrubbing. The salt flakes are pretty large, and they are legit salt. I found this out the hard way when I had a cut in my hand, and it definitely stung! Just a warning!

Wendy Bird Veggie Protein Deodorant-Bright, green apple with a balmy, tropical twist

Wendy Bird DeodorantTMI Time: I live in one of the most humid places in the US, so there is no way I am ever wearing deodorant that does not control sweating, and this is an antiperspirant. Aside from that, this smells fresh and light. I’m going to pass it on to my friend who likes cruelty-free deodorants like Tom’s, and lives in a less humid place.

The Captain Steam Me Up Scotty-Dewy magnolias and wild berries drenched with fresh cream

Steam Me Up Scotty SummerI love the Steam Me Up Scottys. Sometimes I want to take a bath, but I don’t have time, so to me this is the second best option. It melts away in the shower and makes your whole bathroom smell good. This specific scent smells slightly fruity and floral, I really love it. Mr. Danger actually noticed it as well, and declared it smelled amazing.


I really liked this box. The smells were fairly generic summer fruits, but they’re really pleasant and enjoyable for the season. I will get use out of most of these products, with the exception of the deodorant. And that fortune cookie soap was so beautiful. So overall, I’m really happy and can’t wait until their Fall Box.

The Summer Launch will be May 22nd, at 6pm CST! All Fortune Cookie Soap Box subscribers get a $10 off coupon, and I’m hoping to grab some Shower Steamers with mine.

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of the Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box?
-Do you have a favorite product?
-Will you be grabbing anything from the Summer Launch?
-How was your weekend?





2 thoughts on “Subscription Sunday: Fortune Cookie Soap Box-Summer 2015

  1. I didn’t know the soaps had different quotes! I got “Have you seen my marbles?” – which I adore! Your quote is great too. It’s like they want me to spend lots of money buying multiples 😉

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