Subscription Sunday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ May OTM

Hey friends!

How’s your weekend going? I was so lazy this morning that my dog got upset. I think she was afraid I would never leave the bed and stop reading my trashy book. (Gotta read all the bad books before grad school starts on Tuesday. Then it’s back to overpriced textbooks.) It was glorious.

Anyway, speaking of glorious, I have the May Glamour Doll Eyes’ OTM to show off today. (Do you like how I vaguely connected those two paragraphs? Writing skills, friends.) It is full of glitter and amazingness. Really, this month. This month.

Check it out!

glamour doll eyes may otm

Technical stuff: 

The Glamour Doll Eyes OTM is a $10 subscription that will now be sold in a month-to-month subscription, where you can cancel at any time. This is a big change, as previously subscriptions were sold in monthly increments like 2 months and 3 months. The eye shadows will still be available to purchase on the 10th of each month, so if you are not subscribed you will get a chance to purchase the eye shadows.

To get a subscription with this new system, you will have to enter your name onto a waiting list for any openings by emailing More info on this is available on the Glamour Doll Eyes Facebook group.

Anyway, for this month my May subscription shipped on the 8th and it was delivered on the 13th, so good timing as always.

Good Stuff: The theme this month was Tattoo Parlor. I was curious how this would come across, and I was both impressed and amused by the interpretation of this theme!

GDE May OTM 2015

Front of the Info Card:
GDE May OTM Info Card Side 1Back of the Info Card:

May GDE OTM Info Card Side 2

No Regerts-A deep purple with a blue green duochrome and small spurts of pink purple sparkle.

Top half over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bottom Half over GDE Glitter Fix

Top half over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bottom Half over GDE Glitter Fix

Personal story time: The name of this shadow reminds me of this guy I met about 2 weeks into my freshman year of college. He had gotten a tattoo of his current girlfriend on his chest, it was a like a 4 by 6 inch portrait of her face. It’s been almost 10 years since then, and I sometimes find myself wondering what happened to him. Hope they’re still together!

Anyway, pretty much any indie fan who hears the words duochrome starts drooling, and this shadow is drool worthy. It’s a glittery light purple, but in different lightings it shifts to light blue. When I did my eye look with this color it was a rainy day, and it was more blue. Another day, it was more purple. It’s so gorgeous and shifty, that I throw my blue eye shadow rules out the window!

Eye Look with No Regerts

Glamour Doll Eyes No Regerts

No Regerts over GDE Glitter Fix. A bit of GDE Nymphette in the outer corner, and GDE Be My Anchor on the brow. A Wet N-Wild brown in the crease.


Apprentice-A pinky orange with a soft green shimmer and holographic sparkle.

GDE ApprenticeI’m a little terrified by orange eye shadow, but Apprentice is my friend. It’s a beautiful pink-red-orange with tons of sparkle. It kinda reminds me of a sunset. I love the way it contrasts with my brown eyes, and how wearable it actually is. I would never have imagined describing an orange eye shadow as soft and feminine, but there you go!

Apprentice Eye Look:

GDE Apprentice Eye Looks

Apprentice over GDE Glitter Fix. A bit of GDE Bunny Heart in the inner corner, Too Faced Salted Caramel in the crease. Ignore the eyebrows, I was growing them out for my eyebrow appointment that weekend. They are now shorn!

Native War Paints’ Midnight Mistakes Lippie-This lippie is a pink purple color with a flash of blue shimmer and is Grand Marnier and apricot scented. This is OTM exclusive.

Midnight Mistakes Lippie Native War PaintsThis is a purple-blue lipstick, it’s the kind of fun color that I probably can’t actually pull off in my real life, (as opposed to blog life), but I still think it’s neat. Unfortunately, I had some problems with the formula. It was kinda patchy and require a few layers to get opacity. My best tip would be to run your finger over your lips to make sure it applies evenly throughout. Even with that, it settled into the lines on my lips a bit, so I would also recommend exfoliating before using it.

Bernie Shimmer Me-This is a gel glitter to add some shimmer to your look, Bernie named after Bernadette of Big Bang Theory as a purple glitter and sheen

GDE Shimmer Me in BernieFor my swatch I just glopped this on my arm so you could get an idea of the consistency and the sheen. However, all it takes is a small swipe of this to add some shimmer and sparkle to your look. I actually like using this as a really subtle lavender highlighter on my cheeks.

Black and Grey Perfume Balm-Leather laced, boots, bubble gum, pink peppercorn and metallic vibrations

Black and Grey Black Violet BalmI was a little worried about this scent, because in the clamshell it smelled wayy too sickly sweet. However, when applied to skin it mellows out. It starts off smelling exactly like sguary bubble-gum with a metallic twang, but it dries down to a sweet leather smell that lasts almost all day on me. I love leather scents, and this is unlike any I already have, so I’m fan. I’ve also been obsessed with solid perfumes lately, they’re just so easy to throw in your bag and you can smell good all day, so I really like this solid balm formula. I actually checked out Black Violet’s website to see if she had any for sale, but it doesn’t appear there are any solids at the moment.


Vee, the owner of Glamour Doll Eyes, had mentioned May OTM’s are always awesome because it’s her birthday month. (Have I mentioned May birthday people are the Because it’s the truth.)

Um, girlfriend was not lying, because I loved this month. The two eye shadows were so unique, but so beautiful and wearable. I adored the Black Violet perfume balm, and the Shimmer Me with be a beautiful highlight. Heck, I’ll even have fun wearing the Native War Paints purple-blue lipstick around my house. (This is totally a thing I do. You can often find me doing laundry/cooking/working out in lipstick.) All in all, this was a total win for me this month. Happy Birthday, Vee!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s GDE OTM?
-Are May birthdays the best?**
-Do you wear lipstick around the house?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!



**That was a trick question. Because the answer is:HELL, YES





One thought on “Subscription Sunday: Glamour Doll Eyes’ May OTM

  1. I don’t wear lipstick around the house that frequently, but when I do, it’s always shades that I don’t think I can pull off in real life!

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