Subscription Sunday: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box-May 2015

Hey friends!

Sorry for my absence lately, you’ll never believe this, but I’ve been kinda busy. I started summer school this week, celebrated my birthday, started my summer internship, and I’m wrapping up my old job and moving into my new job!!

Due to this general wackiness, I’ve got one more post planned for tomorrow and then I’ll be taking a week off from blogging to catch my breath and get settled into all the new things I’ve got starting up this summer.

Anyway enough life events, let’s check out the Hello Waffle May Visage Box!

hello waffle may visage

The technical stuff: Visage is a monthly subscription that costs $25, with shipping. 4-5 products for the entire face are included, usually with a guest indie company supplying one of the products. Each month has had a theme the products are based around, usually from a fairy tale or folk tale. My Visage box shipped on the 11th and it usually takes about a week to reach me.

Visage subscription slots are now accessible by getting on a waiting list by emailing Christine, the owner of Hello Waffle. However slots are very limited and there may not be any available unless someone cancels. You can also purchase individuals item from the Visage boxes on the Hello Waffle website, they are usually released near the 15th of the month.

You can see more of my Hello Waffle Visage reviews here.

Good Stuff: This month’s theme was Thumbelina, a fairy tale that I remember finding mildly disturbing as a child, but works for a Spring theme!

The goodies upon unwrapping: (minus the Lip Balm which was included separately)

hello waffle may visage

Spread out:

hello waffle visage may 2015

Info Card:

info card

So let’s check out the products, because there are a lot of them this month!

Maia-A creamy baby blue with orange shift and green sparkles

Maia hello waffle eye shadow

Top swatch indirect lighting, bottom swatch sunlight. Both swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance on top half, and Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix on bottom half.

This is a really nice light turquoise blue with a subtle orange shimmer. It looked the same over both primers, but I got frustrated that I couldn’t get the indoor swatch to show the glitter, so I took advantage of the sun finally coming out to try to capture that sparkle!

Little Sparrow-Dark glossy navy with lighter turquoise shift and aqua twinkle

Little Sparrow Hello Waffle shadow

Top swatch indirect lighting, bottom swatch sunlight. Both swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance on top half, and Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix on bottom half.

This is a deep blue with a really neat green shift, almost like you’re looking into deep space. It’s more metallic shimmer than pure sparkle to me, but you can see in the sunlight picture there is definitely some nice glitter going on here!

Angel of the Flower-Flowery magenta with violet shift and blue sparks

Angel of the Flower Hello Waffle

Top swatch indirect lighting, bottom swatch sunlight. Both swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance on top half, and Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix on bottom half.

This is a bright pink purple with a pretty violet sparkle. You can see in my swatch that the Glitter Fix really brings out the base and the glitter, but if you’d prefer your shadow to be more soft and subtle, regular primer worked just fine, too.

The Blind Neighbour-Dark charchoal brown with subtle pink shift and pink-ish purple sparks

The Blind Neighbour Hello Waffle

Top swatch indirect lighting, bottom swatch sunlight. Both swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance on top half, and Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix on bottom half.

A deep brown base with purple sparkles, this will make a really neat eye liner or outer corner color. Over the Glitter Fix the brown base and purple glitter came out more prominently, but this shadow held up well with regular primer, as well.

Hello Waffle Wings of a Fly Highlighter

swatch applied heavily and blended out from left to right.

Wings of a Fly Highlighter-pale pink with iridescent gold, purple, and green shimmer

This is a classic highlighter color to me, light pink with a subtle, pretty shimmer. It’s a nice feminine highlighter, though a little more cool toned than what I usually use.

Farewell, Bright Sun Blush-A medium satin mauve

Farewell, Bright Sun Blush

This does not apply patchily, it’s user error/laziness. Swatch was applied heavily and blended out (um, sort of), from left to right.

I like mauve colors for blush, although as it warms up I’ve been into warmer and brighter blush colors. However, this is a really sheer light mauve, so I think it will work well with most skin tones and still look natural.

KaeQ Beso Balm Mini: Call Me Mama!-Sheer hot Barbie PinkKaeQ Beso Balm Mini Call Me MamaThis was really sheer on me, especially since light pink colors rarely show up on my lips. The final swatch up there was about four layers of lipstick before I could get the hot pink to show up. Once I got the color to work with me, it was actually really pretty and lasted quite a while. I didn’t have any problems with the formula being drying, and it was a nice, creamy application. I would prefer a bit more opacity in my lipstick, but other than that, I really like this.

Look:Uhhh, so it turns out I really don’t like this combination of colors…

Hello Waffle May Visage FOTD

Not in my car for once.

This is just personal preference, I liked each item on it’s own, but using all 4 eye shadows in a look did not work for me. I felt like that specific combination of blues and pinks made me look totally 80’s!

Cheeks: Farewell, Bright Sun Blush and The Wings of a Fly Highlighter
Lips: KaeQ Beso in Call Me Mama!

Malibu Rebs Eye Look

Hello Waffle May EOTD

Lid: Angel of the Flower (over GDE Glitter Fix)
Crease and Outer Corner: The Blind Neighbor
Inner Corner: Maia
Upper Lash Line: Little Sparrow
Lower Lash Line: The Blind Neighbor

So yes, while I like all these products on their own, I’m not going to be busting out this eye look again. It’s just really not me. But hey-maybe you guys are getting a kick out of it, so enjoy!

Midsummer Dreams Apothecary Perfume Oil in Thumbelina-Vanilla, marshmallow, sweet cream, honeysuckle, gardenia, tuberoseMidsummer Dreams Apothecary ThumbelinaI have a soft spot for Midsummer Dreams Apothecary. This company turned me onto indie perfumes in general, and is the creator of Mermaid, an indie scent I can’t live without. I’ve actually been testing out the Fairy Tale line of perfumes and working on my review of those, so I was really excited to see this full size perfume show up in the Visage Box.

In what I’ve found to be typical Midsummer Dreams Apothecary style, this is a soft, creamy floral. When first applied, the floral notes are the strongest, although since its gardenia, honeysuckle, and tuberose, I find it to be still a delicate and sweet floral note. As the perfume dries, soft creamy sweetness begins to emerge. This never smells like full on marshmallows to me, but is just more of a subtle, sweet, vanilla.

I feel this company creates very accessible and lovely perfume scents, and Thumbelina is no exception. So if you’ve been scaring your coworkers with your wood, flesh, and melon scented indie perfumes, you can find something more conventional, but still unique and enjoyable at Midsummer Dreams Apothecary.

Overall:May Visage Hello Waffle

The amount of products we got in the May Visage Box was pretty awesome! Though I don’t usually go for blue eye shadow, these are both really pretty and make me want to get out of my comfort zone. I’m already thinking up some different combinations to try! I will definitely use the blush and highlighter, and I absolutely loved the Thumbelina perfume. I will definitely be able to wear it to work or other situations when maybe I shouldn’t smell like coffee and roses. (Still love you Coma Cluster!)

Visage is a great subscription service, and although I am completely overflowing with makeup, I still adore receiving this box. It’s like a little present each month!

You can see more of my Hello Waffle Visage reviews here.



Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Visage?
-Do you routinely pull out blue eye shadow? Or is it a special occasion look?
-What is your most out there perfume scent? I still am completely in love with Haus of Gloi’s S’mores, but apparently it may not be socially acceptable to always smell like burnt marshmallows and chocolate?

One more post to go this week, and then I’ll be off until next weekend! I’ll miss you, friends!



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