Haus of Gloi: Summer 2015 Collection

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I am moving my regular Subscription Saturday post back a day, so I could get this post out in time for the Haus of Gloi Summer Restock tomorrow at Noon (PST) time. I just got my order last week, and was giving it a while to settle and rest, but tomorrow snuck up on me and I realied I hadn’t actually reviewed it yet!

So I’m here today to tell you about the good smells of Haus of Gloi’s Summer scents!

Check it out!

Haus of Gloi Summer Collection

I just realized I covered up the Komodo label in this picture. PHOTOGRAPHY.


Informational Business:

Haus of Gloi is a soap, bath, and perfume company. I’ve reviewed their Fall andYule and Valentine’s Day  AND Spring Collections if you are interested in learning more.

So I had originally sworn off Haus of Gloi perfume oils because although they smell great, they just did not last on my skin. However, after NOT ordering the Valentine’s perfumes, then changing my mind and ordering them after all, and then LOVING them, I’ve just given up. I accept that until Fall 2015, I will be trying all Haus of Gloi perfumes. They’re so hit or miss for me, but when they’re hits. They are HITS.

For my Summer order, I ordered during the release on 5/17. I spent $29 with a $3 shipping fee. It was shipped on 5/27, and I received it 6/4. It was a bit of a wait, but I’m pretty sure it was within their TAT at the time.

Summer Perfume Oils, $3 for samples, $15 for full size. 

Good Smells: I’m missing Sol and Komodo in perfume oils, because I forgot the release was up and by the time I remembered, they were sold out in sample size. I did end up getting them in Whipped Soap form though, so check that out below!Haus of Gloi Summer PerfumesBeguiled-Lemon cake made with the tang of fresh buttermilk and raspberry coulis – an otherwise innocent cake corrupted by cardamom and deceptive pink peppercorns.

I actually got this as a sample in one of my Spring orders. (Um, yes, I said one of them. There may have been multiple. Oops.) Anyways, the minute I put it on, I was completely sold on a full size. This smells like a raspberry-lemon cheesecake bar. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten one of those before, but this is what it smells like, I’m sure. It starts off with a burst of buttery, sweet dessert, and then the tart, bright scents of lemon and raspberry finish it up. It’s creamy and sweet, but the citrus pops keep it light and refreshing. I adore it. The only reason that I didn’t end up getting it as a full size is it only lasted about two hours on me before fading to a light lemon scent.

If it lasted longer, I would be buying the perfume oil by the bucket. That being said, when this comes out in the Restock, I’ll probably be getting it in every product available.

The Brier Path-Sun drenched trail leading to a day dream of ripe berries and woods rose, rich forest loam, ozone, dark amber and cream.

This is a creamy rose scent with a dark woodsy note in the background. As it dries, I get more of the berry note, but to me this is more of an atmospheric scent. It smells like a shady forest in the summer, where you might go camping and or picking berries. I like it, but it’s a bit heavy to me, it would probably be more my style in the fall. I do wish i had grabbed soaps or scrubs in this scent, and I might during the restock.

Drift Wood-Sun bleached driftwood, dry black musk, warm sand, dune grasses and a damp oceanic breeze.

The first time I put this on it smelled a bit like cedar to me, but I gave it a week and it became more of a warm, spicy wood scent. It’s definitely an atmospheric scent, as it dries it becomes more of a warm, sandy beach scent,and less woodsy. I don’t think this the kind of scent I’ll need as a perfume, but I wish I had it as a candle or a bubble bath. There’s something soothing about it, I just want to close my eyes and pretend I’m on the beach.

Narcosa-A thick haze of tonka and black vanilla, three jasmines, tuberose and ylang ylang.

Oh jasmine. You are not my friend, nothing against Haus of Glois, jasmine just turns into a bad breath scent on my skin. Thankfully, the jasmine encounter is brief and fades after the first ten minutes. Then this becomes a very soft, soothing, vanilla scent, like fresh clean sheets on a summer night. I won’t buy this as a perfume, because boo jasmine, but I want it as like a candle or bubble bath scent. It’s really calming and soothing.

Sanctum-Muskmelon, coconut water infused with bergamot flower, kaffir lime, polished ho wood and sticky benzoin.

At first this smells like tropical fruit and melon, with a hint of lime. It smells like the kind of fruity delicious adult beverage I would like to be drinking on a beautiful tropical beach. It pretty much stays sweet and fruity the whole time

Zazz- Tart cranberry, pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne all shook up with crushed ginger root

Grapefruit Izze! This is fizzy and citrus-y, it smells just like a fruity champagne cocktail or a Grapefruit Izze, if that’s what you prefer. I like it, but it really reminds me of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Bliss, which I already have. However, if you’re looking for something sparkly, fruity, and light- you’ll probably love Zazz.

Whipped Soaps- Sol and Komodo, $7 each. I love Haus of Gloi’s Whipped Soap formula, and this was the last round of soaps they were doing before Fall. I had just run out of my Spring soaps, so hopefully these two will last me until Fall. (And since I use them for leg shaving, a little bit goes a long way!)


Komodo-Mangosteen, Tahitian vanilla bean, dragons blood resin and faded tropical blooms

This whipped soap is a very firm texture, like whipped butter, which I love. Komodo is a very sweet, tropical fruit smell. I really enjoyed it as a soap, it’s zesty and smells fresh. It added some pizzazz to my morning shower!

Sol- The sun at its apex: Dry gingergrass, litsea cubeba, neroli, frankincense tears, saffron infused honey, rosemary and the faint touch of true sweet cinnamon bark.

Sol smells spicy, warm, and a bit tangy. It’s also got a bitter note to it, that’s pretty strong. I definitely got the impression of being outside right at mid day when the sun is at its hottest. I don’t think I would like this as a perfume, but as a whipped soap it will work just fine.

Haus of Gloi summer collection

Overall: These summer scents were all actually really fun to sniff and try out. I don’t regret getting the perfume oils at all, because there is definitely a nice variety of scent types here. I was also impressed that with the exception of Beguiled and Zazz, almost all of the perfume oils lasted 6 hours or more on my skin, which is fantastic!

In the end though, I don’t know if any of these are full-sizers for me. I am torn on The Brier Path, but I think it’s too heavy for me to wear until Fall.  For the restock, I’ll probably just grab a few scrubs in Beguiled and Brier Path and enjoy those.

But Fall though. It’s on.



Questions of the Day:
-Did you try anything from the Haus of Gloi Summer Collection?
-Are you planning on grabbing anything in the restock?
-What’s your favorite type of summer scent?


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