Subscription Sunday: Kiss My Sass’ Lip Addicts Anonymous- June 2015

Hey friends!

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to post today! I almost thought that too! I got caught up writing a 10 page paper, and completely forgot! However, I am here, and I have Kiss My Sass’ Lip Addicts Anonymous Monthly to share!

(Also “anonymous” is apparently a very hard word for me to spell. Just FYI. I haven’t used it in my paper once.)

So check it out!

Kiss My Sass Lip Addicts Anonymous June 2015


Informational Stuff:  Kiss My Sass is an indie company that specializes in lip products, but also offers a wide range of other makeup, perfume, nail polish, and bath goodies. The Lip Addicts Anonymous Box is a fairly new subscription service that costs $8+$2 for shipping for an automatic monthly renewal.

This is only my second box, but every month in this subscription we’re supposed to receive: a full size lip product, cosmetics samples, bath and body samples, and a coupon. Considering the full size lip products are $8 I figured this was a pretty good deal.

This month’s box was shipped out on 6/3, and it arrived at my house on 6/8. I had no problems with my order, and thought the shipping time was great!

If you like what you see here today, openings for Lip Addicts Anonymous will be available on July 2nd at Noon (EST) on the Kiss My Sass website.

You can check out more of my Kiss My Sass Reviews here. 

Good Stuff: We had a theme this month! And it was unicorns!Kiss My Sass June Lip Addicts Anonymous

And this month we got a little info card with product information. I really appreciate this because I like knowing what it is that I’m reviewing/using. Sometimes I need extra help, you guys.

Kiss My Sass June Info Card

That card is nicely covering up the coupon code!

Let’s dive into the products, because I’ve got to get back to writing that 10 page paper!

Body Electric Lip Tint, $6- A sheer wash of mauve/light purple with a light shimmer for dimensionKiss my Sass Body Electric Lip TintUnfortunately, I had some problems with this month’s full size lip product. First, I could not get that bad boy to twist up. I’ve read about this happening with indie lip products before and usually it needs to warm up and then it will twist. Well, I don’t know how much warmer to make it because it’s already like 100+ degrees where I live and I’m rolling this lip product between my hands, and still-nothing.

The color of this tint also does not work for me, which is why I didn’t contact Kiss My Sass about the twist up issue. (Had I loved the color, I would have definitely emailed her, but in my mind, there’s no point in getting a replacement product for something I’m not going to use.) It’s a slight mauvey-purple which on my already mauve lips, makes me look dead. Like zombie dead. However, I know there are people out there who can pull this color off, so it’s just a preference issue.

The formula is really sheer, which could be awesome if that’s what you’re looking for. Currently my lips are really dry from testing ColourPop lipsticks (I’m a glutton for punishment!) and it didn’t really do me any favors.

All in all, not my fave lip product. I knew that when I signed up for this lip subscription, it would probably be hit or miss for me because I’m so picky about lip products, so I knew it would be part of the territory.

I Kiss Unicorns Perfume Oil, $4-Fluffy marshmallow clouds and sweet cotton candy swirls with hints of crisp pears and juicy nectarine and just a touch of sandalwood.Kiss My Sass I Kiss UnicornsYay, an original scent from Kiss My Sass! This is super, almost cloyingly, sweet. It definitely smells like marshmallows and cotton candy had a sweetness baby, with just a touch of fruit. It has a decent throw and dries down to a soft vanilla and sandalwood scent after a few hours, but dang, it’s just way toooo sweet for me.

It kinda reminds me of something from my childhood and it’s something medicinal that I don’t like, I think Flintstones’ Vitamins. I hated those. So I may also have some personal bias against this perfume oil. I am going to pass it on to my friend, and I think she’s going to adore it because bubble-gum sweet is right up her alley.

Body Electric Cream Blush-A mauve/purple with a satin finish, $2

Kiss My Sass Body Electric Cream Blush

Blended out on top, heavily applied on the bottom

I’ve been really into cream blushes and highlighters lately, so I was excited to try this. The formula is really silky and creamy, and it applied very pigmented on my cheeks, but blended out nicely. It didn’t last as long as my ColourPop cream blushes, but it held up for a couple hours, which is pretty on par for other mainstream brands like NYX or Revlon.

This purple actually blends out into a soft, light lavender color. It’s a little bit too purple for my skin tone, but I think it would be nice on someone else.

Kiss My Guavas Eyeshadow, $1.50A shimmery salmon/pink with a scattering of green shimmersKiss My Guavas EyeshadowThis is a really pretty peachy-pink orange with lots of shimmer. It applied nicely, and would be a good color for the summer. I already have several shades like this, (I’m a peach-pink hoarder), but this is still nice.

Extras: Glamour Doll Eyes’ It’s So Fluffy! $6

Kiss My Sass It's So Fluffy

Straight lines are hard, yo. Swatched over GDE Glitter Fix on the top, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance on the bottom.

I love me some Glamour Doll Eyes, so it was nice to see a full size show up in this subscription! This is a very light, powdery color with just a hint of pink. It almost reminds me of a much lighter version of Pass the Champagne I think the pink comes out more in the eye look I did below than in my swatch, but either way it’s really light. This will probably work better as a highlight or brow color, but I lived dangerously and put it on my whole lid.

Eyeballs: You guys, I made a collage of my eyeballs wearing It’s So Fluffy! That’s not creepy or anything!Glamour Doll Eyes It's So Fluffy!I decided to wear It’s So Fluffy to a baby shower. Then I decided to park in front of the baby shower and take pictures of my eye balls. It’s amazing I still have friends.


I put It’s So Fluffy over GDE Glitter Fix, all over the lid. Then I blended GDE Don’t Truffle With Me in the outer corner, (but really any deep brown/purple could work). I used Wet N Wild’s Walking On Eggshells crease and brow color, in the crease and brow. And then I went to the baby shower, because I was running late.

Overall: This month’s subscription was kinda hit and miss for me. The main lip product just didn’t work out for me, but I enjoyed trying the other products out. The GDE full size was a nice surprise, and I would definitely be up for trying more cream cosmetics from Kiss My Sass.

I’m still excited to try next month’s box, hopefully July’s lip product will be more my style. Either way, it’s still fun to try this subscription, and at only $10, I don’t mind rolling the makeup dice.

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Lip Addicts Anonymous?
-What indies do you love seeing show up in your subscriptions?
-Do you think my paper is finished by now? I sure hope so!








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