Subscription Monday: Native War Paints’ Monthly Box-June 2015

Hey friends!

So Subscription Monday is not really a thing, but if you caught my posts this past weekend I did some moving around so I could get my Haus of Gloi Summer Collection Review out before their restock.

So here I am today catching up with Native War Paints’ monthly Nail Polish Subscription! This is a relatively new subscription, and only my second box, meaning I’ve been pretty curious to see what they would come up with this month!

And it turned out, it was Mean Girl’s themed. Yessssssssssssss.

Check it out!

native war paints june monthly box

Informational Stuff: 

Native War Paints is a nail polish and indie beauty company. This is their first time offering a subscription, and since I can’t really afford their normal $9-$11 nail polish, this sounded like a great way to save money and try something new.

The original release was very limited with about 15 boxes, but more slots were opened in June and more will be available on July 3. I paid $17.50 with shipping for this subscription, and each month we are supposed to receive at least one full size polish and 1 mini. Considering their normal polishes are about $10 each, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I was charged for the subscription on June 1, it shipped June 9th, and I got it June 11th. So it was a pretty fast TAT. Everything arrived safely wrapped in bubble wrap and a mailer envelope, so I had no problems with receiving my order!

Good Stuff: I was a teenager in the early 2000’s, so it’s weird for me to think of Mean Girls as a classic. But now it is and I guess I am old. Either way, it’s a fabulous movie and deserves to have Classic status and nail polishes inspired by it.

Native War Paints Monthly June

I ate that tootsie roll for science. It was indeed cherry.

This month we received one full size polish, two minis, and a lip balm. It all came in a nice organza bag, but again, no informational card-so I’m definitely making this stuff up as I describe each item.

Enjoy my ways with words.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, Full Size, probably $10 This is a hot pink with a blue undertone and a subtle light shimmerNative War Paints on Wednesdays we wear pink

I totally made up that description, but I think it’s pretty accurate. This is a really cool hot pink color, and even though I have a lot of these types of nail polishes, this one is unique. The blue undertone is a cool twist, and I love the subtle shimmer. The application on this bad boy was fabulous, not streaky at all and it only took two coats to reach the level of opacity I wanted.

Boo, You Whore, Mini Size, I’m guessing $4? A bright turquoise blue with golden shimmerNative War Paints Boo You WhoreOh my, I love this. It’s like a Tiffany blue with subtle golden shimmer, so beautiful and perfect for summer. I want to put it on right now. Must resist and finish review! It’s application was also amazing, no streaks, two coats, and just fantastic to work with. We have a winner, friends.

That’s So Fetch, Mini Size, I’m guessing $4? A royal purple with golden shimmerThat is So Fetch Native War Paints Monthly

Yes this is totally fetch. I love purple polish and this is a nice rich purple with light golden shimmer. It’s so pretty and subtle. This formula had a bit thinner application than the others, but it still applied evenly and I had the opacity I wanted in three coats.

Word Vomit Lip Balm, $5- Snow Cone FlavoredNative War Paints Word Vomit Lip Balm

I have a lot of lip balms rolling around my house, so I’ve become quite the connoisseur. As lip balms go, this one is pretty middle ground for me. It’s made with avocado oil, coconut oil, shea oil, and jojoba oil, all of which my lips like, so I do find it light and moisturizing. The snow cone flavor is very subtle, just a hint of sweetness. A really decent product, but since I have so many lip balms already I don’t really find anything about this one that blows me away. Not bad, though!

Overall:Native War Paints Monthly June

 If my price estimations are accurate, the value of this month’s subscription is anywhere between $20-$24. Not bad considering I paid $18, but also not the most bang for your buck.

However, when you start to consider the colors I got this month, I feel the value goes up. I loved, loved, loved each polish in this month’s collection. I loved the subtle shimmer in each bright color, I loved the perfect application of each formula, I was in nail polish heaven basically. So that did add value to the subscription for me.

I always like to give each new subscription at least three months to decide how I feel about them. So far NWP is batting 1-1. May I was meh about, and this month I loved, so July could be the make or break month.

To be continued…..duh duh duh!



Questions of the Day:
– What did you think of this months nail polish box? (Even though it’s not in a box?)
– Is Mean Girls a classic?
– What did you think of my made up descriptions? Was I pretty accurate?




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