Subscription Saturday: Aromaleigh Ephemera Box-June 2015

Hey friends!

How are you guys? I’m sorry I missed Happy Hour yesterday. I ended up binge watching Orange is the New Black and I have zero regrets about that. As I’ve stated like 60490 times, this summer is bananas for me and sometimes it’s just awesome to be lazy.

But today, it’s on! I’m swatching, and writing, and editing, and taking pictures, and writing grad school papers, and being super productive in general. (Note the priority of the grad school paper writing.) And as part of my productivity, I’m here with Aromaleigh’s June Ephemera Box, and it is swoon-worthy this month. Swoon-worthy!

So check it out!

Iaromaleigh june ephemera box

Informational Stuff:

This subscription is about $18 a month and so far we’ve been receiving at least 4 products, plus samples. (Although they aren’t always promised, they’re more of a happy surprise.). At the moment you have to put your name on a waiting list to be able to get a slot in the subscription, as spaces are very limited.

However, there are limited quantities of Ephemera overstocks on sale now at the Aromaleigh website! So you do have a chance to grab any singles that caught your eye!

You can see my other Ephemera reviews and looks here.

Good Stuff: First of all, how pretty is the label this month? I want to reuse this box or give it to a friend because the packaging and wrapping were so pretty.

Aromaleigh Ephemera June

I do love the aquatic Melusine theme.

Aromaleigh Ephemera June 2015

And another beautiful and interesting info card. The whole story of Melusine is on the back of the card!

Aromaleigh Ephemera Info Card June

So onto the products!

Melusine-Tauped plum with vivid iridescent gold/chartreuse/green shiftAromaleigh MelusineThis is so pretty! You can see over regular primer, it leans more plum, but over Glitter Fix the green/gold base really shines through. I think this would be awesome on the whole eyelid.

Bain enchantee-Lustrous, pale silvered heather with a myriad of borealis microshimmerAromaleigh Bain enchanteeOver regular primer this is a soft lavender, and over Glitter Fix, a deeper, sparkly purple comes through. Both ways of using this eye shadows are very shimmery and feminine, though. I love purples, and this one could be used in a variety of ways; as an eyelid color, brow color, or event inner corner highlight.

Tres faulse serpente-Muted teal frost with iridescent teal/green shift and violet sparks.Aromaleigh Tres faulse serpeteThis was the sample eye shadow in last month’s box, and I am still digging it! I think it’s a shade more teal than I remember, and that blue-green really comes out over the Glitter Primer. I think this will make a gorgeous eye liner or outer corner color. I could even try it on the eyelid. Possibilities!

Lamentation Blush-Beautiful as a blush on pale skin tones, or as a highlighter on deeper tones. Lamentation looks very vivid, but don’t be afraid. It’s a gorgeous vibrant warm pink with a strong violet glow.Aromaleigh LamentationThis is a bright true pink with a very subtle lavender glow. It’s really pretty blush shade, especially for the summer time, when I like light, feminine colors. It may come across more as a hybrid blush/highlighter on me, but still like it.

Dreamworld Hermetics’s Dark Mermaid Lip Color-Dreamworld Hermetica Dark Mermaid

This is a deep brown red shade with a blue sheen that’s really cool. I don’t tend to wear brown-red shades that often because I think I look early 90’s goth in them, but I have to admit this one is pretty fun. It’s not something I’ll wear everyday but that blue sheen makes it kinda cool. As far as the formula, it was smooth and very comfortable to wear. I put on about 2 coats of the lip product to get the opacity I wanted, and then I was good to go.

Spectre de la nuit sample-A versatile contouring shade that leans on the cool side. Can also multipurpose as an eye shadow!Aromaleigh Spectre de la nuit

This new contouring product looks really neat. The formula is very smooth and bendable. I think this particular shade is a bit too cool for my skin tone, but I do like the formula. AND it makes a great crease color as you can see below!

FACE:Aromaleigh FOTD June Ephemera BoxLamentation as a blush/highlight and Dark Mermaid on the lips.

Aromaleigh June EOTD

I wasn’t sure how to use all 3 colors together, (though I’ve got plenty of ideas on how to use each one on its own), but I eventually decided to do a subtle halo eye.

I used Bain enchantee on the middle of my eyelid and Melusine on the inner and outer corner. I also used the sculpting powder, Spectre de la nuit as my crease color to tie it all in, and then finally I foiled Tres faulse serptente as my eyeliner. I mean how can you not use it as eyeliner? It’s perfect.

Overall:Aromaleigh June Ephemera BoxI loved the eye shadows in this month’s box. LOVED them. They were each so different, but beautiful and versatile. I have a feeling I’ll be using these a lot the rest of the summer.

I also liked the lipstick and sculpting powder, though both may not be the best shades for me. I thought they each respectively had nice formulas.

So yay! This box was definitely a win for me!

Now off to write more papers!

Have a great weekend!



Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s box?
-Was your Saturday productive or lazy?
-Did you watch any OITNB?




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