Subscription: Rainbow Honey’s Mystery Bag-June

Hey friends!

Welp, I think I have to admit defeat in keeping to a consistent posting schedule. My summer classes/internship is just too demanding and I’m not able to keep up with my normal blogging level. That being said, I’m going to keep on blogging, it’s just going to be at completely random times. Like a surprise! Did she post today? Did she not? WHO KNOWS?!

See how exciting that is?

Anyway, in keeping with random excitement, I have Rainbow Honey’s Mini-Mystery Bag to share today! It contains what might be my new favorite glitter topper ever.

So check it out!

rainbow honey mystery bag june 2015

Informational Stuff:

Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish, bath and beauty company. They also offer nail care products like cuticle creams, base coats, and scented top coats.

Every month Rainbow Honey sends out both a Full size, ($25) and a Mini, ($12) Mystery Bag filled with several nail polishes and skin care items based around the scent of the month. I get the mini because I am cheap, and also because I can never finish a bottle of nail polish. The bag usually ships around the 7th-9th of the month and shows up at my house about 3-4 days later.

Check out more of my Rainbow Honey reviews here.

And you can sign up on the Rainbow Honey website if you’re interested in trying out a Mystery Bag, too!

Good Stuff: The layout for the month! Also we got some really good bubble wrap. Really, it was superior bubble wrap.Rainbow Honey June Mystery Bag

Twisted Ice Tea Scented Top Coat

Rainbow Honey Twisted Tea Nail TopperScented nail toppers are fun because they make your nails smell delicious and not like terrifying chemicals. I tried the Twisted Tea Scent last month in the cooling gel, and while I think I like it better in that format, it’s still a nice nail topper. It smells just like sweet ice tea, and now my nails will, too.

Cuprum VeritasA shiny copper bullion you can wear on your nails…Rainbow Honey Curprum VeritasThis is a pretty, brassy copper that took about 3 coats to reach opacity. I really love how shiny it is, but this kind of color I don’t normally reach for until the fall-so I probably won’t wear it until then.

Aqua Cristalina Glitter Topper-Crystal clear blue waters from famous beaches around the world inspired this glitter topper with heavy aqua and holographic glitters in a crystal clear base!Rainbow Honey Aqua CristalinaHello beautiful glitter topper! This one is especially gorgeous to me because it looks like mermaid nail polish! I used 3 coats in my swatch, but I should have just used 2 so it didn’t get so chunky. But can you blame me? Look at that turquoise glitter! It’s so sparkly and fantastic! You just have to smear it on!

Thallo Bot-This metallic summer green beauty looks stunning with 2 coats!Thallo Bot Rainbow HoneyI personally think this is more of a Springtime color, but it could also work for summer. Thallo Bot is a shimmery, silky green color. It reminds me plants just blooming, which is probably where I can the Spring vibe from. This took about 3 coats before I was happy with opacity.

Islands in the Sky Perfume Mist-a tropical blend of milky coconut and fresh melon accented with sugarcane and raspberry nectar that takes you away to an island paradise!

Islands in the Sky Perfume Mist

The long description on the card says this is paraben and alcohol free so you can use it to refresh your skin and hair. I think that’s a pretty cool concept. The scent is extremely sweet to me, I think it leans way towards the sugarcane side with just a hint of fruitiness. It’s a bit too sweet for me, but I like the concept of this product.

Clear Scented Soap-Summer Juice-Sweet with the right amount of pucker and loaded with exotic fruit and citrus notes!Scented Clear Soap Rainbow Honey Summer JuiceThat little package comes with two soaps in it, which I think would make it a great little gift. I like look of the clear yellow soap, although it does remind me of Jello squares. As far as scents go, Summer Juice is very sweet, citrusy and fruity, it definitely smells like a pitcher of juice on a hot day.

Overall: I thought this was a pretty good month. I enjoyed trying everything and I adored the Aqua Cristalina glitter topper. I can’t wait to put it on everything!!!!!



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