Special Guest Post: Stitch Fix #3

Hey friends!

As I try to catch up with life, L’s taking over the blog today with a review of her latest Stitch Fix! Check out what she got for summer!

Stitch Fix Review

Technical Stuff:

Stitch Fix is a company that will send you a curated package of clothing or accessories. You take a quiz about your style preferences and can include notes to your stylist about the kind of fix you want. You can even pick the date of when you would like to receive your fix.

Your stylist will then pick 5 items out for you that will be delivered to your doorstep. You try on your items, keep what you want and mail back the rest in an already paid for mail bag.

You do pay a $20 styling fee for receiving your package, but this can be deducted from the price of any clothing item you pick. (If you don’t pick anything, you are just out $20). You can also get a 25% discount for buying all the pieces in a box.

You can see L’s original post about Stitch Fix here!

L Says: For this fix, I (once again) requested summery tops for going out to bars and concerts and other fun events I pretend I actually go to. I also requested a maxi dress that was short enough for 5’3″ me. I also requested two specific items I’d seen on the Stitch Fix blog, but they didn’t have them in stock. Here’s what Stitch Fix delivered in my eighth box!

RD Style Berrie Crochet Knit Tank – $54
Looking at the style card, I expected this to be a delicate and feminine top that I could wear out to a bar to attract a man. But really it’s a chunky crochet that is see through and requires a camisole underneath. Probably I could attract a man if I skipped the camisole, but that’s not the kind of attention I’m looking for. Anyway, it looks nice with the camisole underneath but isn’t quite what I was hoping for. It’s fine, but not really “me”.RD Style Berrie Crotchet Knit Tank
 Bash Lockwood Embroidered Detail Top – $48
I loved this as soon as I pulled it out of the box! The fabric is a gauzey material which makes it the perfect weight for the hot summer, and the embroidered neckline gives it a little bit of a fancier feel. I think I could wear this out to a bar and look nice, or just out running errands and feel put together. It’s also not so flowy that I lose my shape. It defines my waist without being tight, which is a huge bonus.Bash Lockwood Embroidered Detail Tank
 Skies are Blue Loni Open Back Detail Knit Top – $48
One of the tops I’d requested featured an open back and scallops, but they didn’t have it in stock so my stylist sent me this instead. It has the open back detailing and the stripes give it a preppy look. The open back trend is something I definitely wanted to add to my wardrobe and this top lets me do that while still easily falling within my personal style. It’s also SUPER soft and comfortable. I don’t necessarily love how flowy it is because my shape gets lost, but the comfort factor wins out there.Skies Are Blue Loni Open Back Detail Knit Tank
 Gilli Zuli Striped Maxi Dress – $78
Maxi dresses have always been tough for me because I’m on the short side and since I don’t love heels and wedges, they usually drag the floor. But I’ve noticed some co-workers sporting the maxis at work and they just look so nice! Stitch Fix to the rescue! This dress is the perfect length to wear with flats. The only thing I don’t love is that the tie in the back makes it hard to put a cardigan or a jacket over it. Hmm…Gilli Zuli Striped Maxi Dress
 Loveapella Yana 3/4 Sleeve Striped Dress – $54
This is a dress that apparently is leftover from their winter collection. I pinned it a long time ago because it reminded me of Taylor Swift for some reason. I really wanted to like this, but it didn’t feel flattering, especially on my butt. Also the stripes didn’t match and the lining of the pockets was visible. But it makes my waist look so skinny in the picture!Loveapella Yana 34 Sleeve Striped Dress
 So what’s the verdict?
Stitch Fix gives you 25% off if you buy all five items. Due to an unfortunate math error, I thought it would only cost $20 more to keep all five rather that the three I was really excited about. I reasoned that I could sell the other two items on the buy/sell/trade Facebook page and make a little money back. Oops, I was wrong!
My total at checkout was $201.08. I sold the Loveappella dress for $40.50, making my total for four items $160.58. Had I only kept the three I wanted, it would have been $155ish (I think, clearly I’m terrible at math). Lesson learned: keep only what you want, don’t be greedy, and pay attention in math class.
RD Style Berrie Crochet Knit Tank – Kept, trying to sell.
Bash Lockwood Embroidered Detail Top – Kept!
Skies are Blue Loni Open Back Detail Knit Top – Kept!
Gilli Zuli Striped Maxi Dress – Kept!
Loveapella Yana 3/4 Sleeve Striped Dress – Sold!
Want to see more reviews like this? Use my referral link! My wardrobe is pretty complete right now so I’d only schedule another fix if I had credit to use! https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3072084
Rebs Says:
-What do you guys think of L’s Fix?
-Have you had any luck with Stitch Fix?
-Will I ever catch up with my homework?

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