Subscription: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box- June 2015

Hey friends!

How’s your Saturday?

I’m working on a paper right now, but I knew I had to get this post up. I’ve seriously been finishing it for about two weeks, and for various reasons it never got completed. BUT. I do not give up! So here I am today with a very belated review of Hello Waffle’s June Visage Box. Better late than never. Sure!

The difficulty of getting this post finished made me reflect on the way I’ve been writing some of these reviews, and I may be changing the way I do them soon. I’m open to your thoughts, so more musings on this near the end of the post.

But for now: makeup!

hello waffle visage box juneIt’s fluffy.

Infomations: Visage is a monthly subscription that costs $25, with shipping. 4-5 products for the entire face are included, usually with a guest indie company supplying one of the products. Each month has had a theme the products are based around, usually from a fairy tale or folk tale. My Visage box usually takes about a week to reach me.

Visage subscription slots are now accessible by getting on a waiting list by emailing Christine, the owner of Hello Waffle. However slots are very limited and there may not be any available unless someone cancels. You can also purchase individuals item from the Visage boxes on the Hello Waffle website, they are usually released near the 15th of the month.

You can see more of my Hello Waffle Visage reviews here.

Makeups:This month the theme was Princess Mononoke, which I knew absolutely nothing about. So way to expand my horizons!

Inside the box:

Hello Waffle June Visage Box

And the products all laid out:

Hello Waffle June Visage Box 2015

We got two info cards, one with product information and one with the story, which was helpful since I was not familiar with it.

Hello Waffle June Visage Box Directions

And onto the products!

Passage Through the Forest- A white-green with a stronger forest-green sheen and a twinkle of red and whiteHello Waffle Passage Through the ForestI thought there was a very light green sheen to this, but mostly it just looked sparkly white to me. It was very easy to use and made a great brow color when blended. I plan to use it as an inner corner color, too.

A God of Life and Death-A dark taupe leaning purple with a red shift. Look closely and you might find some blue and turquoise.

Hello Waffle A God of Life and Death

Top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bottom over Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix

I completely adore colors like this, I love the way they look with my eye color and I can easily wear them to work. This is such a lovely purple-taupe, I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

Neither Wolf Nor Human-Dark burgundy with a lighter orange/red sheen and a sparkle of midnight blue.

Hello Waffle Neither Wolf Nor Human

Top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bottom over Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Fix

This is another lovely shade. It’s a very deep red with bright sparkles. However, this blends well and I think it’s actually a really wearable red, especially when paired with A God of Life and Death. I think I could also pull it off with some warm, neutral browns. As usual, the glitter comes out more over Glitter Fix, but it shows up pretty well over regular primer.

Blush-The Days of Gods and Demons-Rusty blood red blush with pink undertones.


Hello Waffle The Days of Gods and Demons

Swatched heavily on the left and blended out moving towards the right

This blush was a superrrr pigmented red, which we warned of in the information card. A little bit went a very long way. I put some on the back of my hand and used a fluffy brush to apply from there, as the info card also suggested, and even that gave me a super flushed look. I actually liked it, but I don’t know how often I’ll use this blush, just because it was kinda high maintenance in blending it out to where I was happy. That being said, I found it was really long lasting- I almost wondered if it may have created a light stain on my cheeks-it lasted that long.

Preen Cosmetics Lipstick:Power to Bite- Blood red creme

Preen Cosmetics Lipstick Power to Bite red cremeI was really impressed by this lipstick, it was very smooth and creamy and it actually lasted a really long time. I wore it on several errands and it finally started fading only after I ate lunch. That’s probably one of the longest lasting indie lipsticks I’ve tried. It did smear a bit when I was eating and drinking-but that’s normal for this creamy of a lipstick. And that red color is pretty stunning.

Eyeball Look: I was not creative this month and just followed the suggested look from the info card. And I redid my eyeliner about 5 times because it was not cooperating with me. Ever have those days?

Hello Waffle July EOTDA God of Life and Death on the lid over Glitter Fix. Neither Wolf nor Numan in the corner and blended into the crease. Passage through the Forest on the brow. I also used Too Faced’s Semi-Sweet in the crease as a transition color.

FOTD with the June Visage:

Hello Waffle July Visage FOTD

Many of you seemed to enjoy my silly face when I posted the sneak peak of this look, so please enjoy the bottom right picture.

My dog always photobombs me in these pictures. Rude.

Anyway, my cheeks are super flushed because The Days of Gods and Demons is super intense, but I do look pretty summery. I also used Glamour Doll Eyes’ Tiny Unicorns from their June OTM as the highlighter. And I really love the way the Preen lipstick ties it all together.

Overall: I may not throw all these colors together on a daily basis, but I do like the way my look turned out. Most likely I’ll use these products for separate looks, and that’s okay because they’re all really lovely on their own. So yeah, this post may have taken me forever-but the makeup was a win!

Regarding Review Indie Subscription Makeup Posts:

I’ve been thinking about how to keep blogging regularly when I start my new job this fall. It’s been pretty difficult to keep it up this summer with the internship/summer school, and I don’t know how much free time I’ll have with my new job.

That being said, I’m kinda considering changing my indie makeup subscriptions reviews from full reviews to just sharing looks and general impressions of them on my Instagram/Facebook page. These posts take me the longest to do, and I don’t know if they actually benefit anyone other than people who already have the subscription. (And that small amount of people probably doesn’t need my opinion.) If you are reading my indie subscription posts, and you don’t already have the subscription-you most likely have to get on a waiting list for future months, which makes me again wonder if my reviews are helpful.

If I just post looks using indie subscription products, that gives me more time to do Happy Hour posts, EOTD/BOTD posts, other subscriptions, and just general budget makeup/beer tips regularly.

Anyway, just some musings, I like to be transparent so that’s what’s been going through my brain. (That and the thought, “I NEED TO SLEEP.”) If you have any thoughts on this feel free to share with me! I’m open to ideas!

That’s it friends! Have a great Saturday!

Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Visage Box?
-What are your thoughts on moving from full reviews to just sharing looks with the indie subscription boxes?
-Can you figure out a way to create more hours in the day? I would like you to, thanks.







2 thoughts on “Subscription: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box- June 2015

  1. That blush though! So pretty! I really like blushes that have that sort of sunburned look to them but man can they be hard to blend out.

    I’m a new reader so I don’t feel that I can really give an opinion on what you should post, however, I think you should go with the format that you yourself will most enjoy. If it’s a drag or you don’t have time then you’re going to become miserable writing these posts and that’s just no bueno.

    I really like the way your overall look turned out too! And now I’m going to stop rambling 🙂

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