Rainbow Honey’s Mini Mystery July Bag

Hey friends!

It’s Part Two in our Indie Nail Polish Subscription War!

So who won?

So who won?

Today’s contestant: Rainbow Honey’s Mini Mystery Bag!

Rainbow Honey July

Informational Stuff:

Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish, bath and beauty company. They also offer nail care products like cuticle creams, base coats, and scented top coats.

Every month Rainbow Honey sends out both a Full size, ($25) and a Mini, ($12) Mystery Bag filled with several nail polishes and skin care items based around the scent of the month. I get the mini because I am cheap, and also because I can never finish a bottle of nail polish. The bag usually ships around the 7th-9th of the month and shows up at my house about 3-4 days later.

Check out more of my Rainbow Honey reviews here.

And you can sign up on the Rainbow Honey website if you’re interested in trying out a Mystery Bag, too!

Good Stuff: The little haul for this month!

Rainbow Honey July 2015The informational paper for this month:

Rainbow Honey Info CardPomelo/Summer Juice Body Splash:

Rainbow Honey Body SplashI’m not a body splash kind of lady in general, I feel like it fades away in like two minutes on me, however this smells like summer in a bottle. It’s really citrus and fresh smelling. I want to go jump into the beach and buy a drink with an umbrella in it. That’s what it smells like. I’m going to pass it on to a friend who I know will love it, just because of my preference for perfume oils over body splash.

Sweet Mandarin Sugar Lip Scrub

Orange Lip Scrub Rainbow Honey

I like Rainbow Honey’s Lip Scrubs, they’re especially good for summer. They’re a fairly gentle scrub with small scrubbing granules and a smooth base that holds it altogether. This one smells slightly sweet and orange, which is great for summer.

Rainbow Honey Organic Shea Butter Skin Treatment

Rainbow Honey Shea Butter

I put this on my cuticles, which I am so cruel and evil towards, and at first I really didn’t like the texture. It was hard to get out of the container, and when it warmed up it was very greasy and didn’t dry quickly. Kinda like cold butter from the fridge that doesn’t spread until you warm it up. That being said, I have to admit it did help my cuticles look a lot better. The jury’s out on if I’ll actually keep using it or not though.

Rainbow Honey Green

This isn’t a terribly unique color, but I still really like it. The green color is bright and fun for summer and the green shimmer gives it a fun pop of sparkle. I also only needed two coats to get opacity, and the formula was really smooth and easy to apply.

Summer Tan:Rainbow Honey Yellow CreamYellow nail polish is not my favorite. It really doesn’t look good with the yellow undertones in my skin, and I don’t love it. This had a great cream formula that only needed two coats to get opacity, but the color really didn’t do anything for me.

Costa Dorada:

rainbow honey yellow glitter

You can see the above paragraph for my feelings on yellow polish. I mean, I do love glitter, but I don’t really know how excited I can be about yellow glitter. Hopefully I can find this guy a good home. 3 coats to reach opacity.

Overall: Definitely a hit or miss month for me. I enjoyed the bath products, even if I won’t keep all of them, and I really liked the green polish. Those yellows, not so much.

Rainbow Honey in General:

Pros: Great price for a variety of products and nail polishes. It’s fun to try the different scents and products out each month. Mini size means I don’t feel guilty for not finishing a bottle of polish and if I don’t like a color I’m not left with 15ml of a polish I hate.

Cons: Nail polish formula is inconsistent, some RH polishes chip quickly, some last awhile. If you stick with it long enough, you will have A LOT of cuticle balm, top coats, and lip balm. (This could also be a Pro, depending on your needs, I guess.)

Questions of the Day:

-Sooooo, which subscription should I stick with? Rainbow Honey? Or Native War Paints monthly?
-What did you think of Rainbow Honey this month?
-Is there a color of nail polish you have trouble pulling off or just don’t like?




2 thoughts on “Rainbow Honey’s Mini Mystery July Bag

  1. I’d love to try that lip Scrub! It sounds phenomenal.
    I also dislike yellow polish, plus orange. Those are two colors that just don’t look good on me in any form — clothes, makeup, or nail polish.

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