Happy Hour: July Favorites!

Hey friends!

It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN! I have exactly:
-1 Final
-1 Presentation
-1 Day of Internship and
-2 Class Sessions

AND THEN I AM DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL FOREVER AND EVER!!!! (And it will be forever, because if I ever go back to higher education it will be for a PhD. I’m not doing this Master’s level BS again. NOPE.)

Anyway, my joy is palpable over here. I’ve been expressing it by resuming a normal sleep schedule and starting to exercise again. I even went to this place called a park, which is apparently an outside area where people who aren’t in grad school go, and I went for a run. It was pretty exciting stuff.

I also decided to write a July Favorites post. I haven’t written in a Favorites post in a while, or any post for that matter, so I figured it might be interesting to share what makeup I’ve used this past month as I fought through my last month of grad school.


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Favorite Lipstick: Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in Tangerine/Lingonberry , $12

Bite Beauty Tangerine and Lingonberry Duo

Tangerine on the Left, Lingonberry on the Right

I couldn’t resist this lipstick because it was a cheaper way to try Bite Beauty and because it comes with two colors. As someone who constantly travels with 9 different lipstick colors, I personally think all lipsticks should be duos. It would save room in my purse, for sure.

Anyway, these are creamy, smooth and very pigmented. They last a couple of hours, unless I eat or drink something, and they do smear a bit then. I really like the bright orange and pink colors in this duo, they’ve been bold and bright for summer.

Favorite Blush and Highlighter- ColourPop’s In Bloom Set-Tongue Tied, Double-Dip and Hysterical, Set is $39ColourPop In Bloom Blushes

I thought about featuring ColourPop’s In Bloom set when I got it for my birthday, but I didn’t because 1.) I am lazy and 2.) It was $40 and I only loved half of it. I’m not crazy about promoting something that I only love half of when it costs $40. (I really dislike Frenemie and Freshmen in this set, if you are wondering. They wore sheer on me and I found them to be drying.)

That being said, I adore the blushes and highligher in this set. They have seriously been life savers this summer as I’ve had NO TIME for makeup and just smear things on my face. But they smear so pretty and pigmented, can easily be blended, and they last almost alllllll day on me. I live in one of the most humid cities in America, and that is quite a feat.

ColourPop In Bloom Swatches

I tried to resist ColourPop’s blushes and highlighters when they came out, because my collection is already insane, but I’m already planning to purchase more.

Favorite Eye Shadow: Maybelline’s Eye Studio Copper Chic Quad, $8

Maybelline Copper Chic

I have not been in the mood to use powder and pigment eye shadows lately. I’m lazy, tired, and trying to get as much sleep as possible. Due to this, I’ve been reaching for my pressed eye shadow much more in July, and this Copper Chic Quad is a good deal. The shades are pigmented, smooth, and with a good primer I can get them to last all day.

Favorite Polish: Rainbow Honey’s Aqua Cristalina from the June Mystery Bag, $12 ( I included the price of the mini mystery bag because I can’t find this polish available yet-I think it’s from an upcoming collection)

Rainbow Honey Aqua CristalinaThis is from my June Rainbow Honey bag, but I just got around to wearing this glitter topper. I put it on over a turquoise blue nail polish from Sally Hansen, and I looked like a mermaid princess. It was pretty awesome. One thing to note though: this glitter topper stained my nails a bit, so be sure to use a base coat.

You can read more about my most recent Rainbow Honey bag here.

Favorite Indie Bath Product: Black Violet’s Sugar Polish, $5Black Violet Sugar PolishEven though I had a mixed review of Black Violet’s Black Box in general, I really liked this Sugar Polish. I thought the crystals made for a really nice scrub and it smelled like watermelons, so it was great for summer.

You can read about my most recent Black Box here.

Favorite Indie Perfumes: I have a tie because I’ve been switching off between a few of these perfumes everyday:

Sixteen 92’s Blood and Honey, Paper Moon, and The Beautiful and Damned, (each 2mL sample is $4.50)Sixteen92 Summer Collection

You can read more about the scents here.

Darling Clandestine’s Tilt-A-Whirl, Morderteile Kelah, and even more wonderful my Bitsy of Kelah Whirl, which is a combination of previous two scents. It’s heavenly. (Each solid Bitsy is $4.)Darling Clandestine Summer Bitsy

You can read more about these scents here.

So yeah, I narrowed it down to 6 favorites this month. It’s my blog. I do what I want.

Basically I’ve found my summer scent profile is light, fruity, and fun. It’s so damn hot where I live, I can’t be bothered with heavy or cloying scents, and all the perfumes I mentioned above are perfect for my summer needs.

Favorite Indie Subscription of July: Hello Waffle’s Visage Box, $25

Hello Waffle July Visage I haven’t written my review yet, but look for my post in the next week. I picked this box because I can’t say no to pinks and purples. They are my favorite. I swoon.

Favorite Beer(s) of the Month: SanTan’s Mr. Pineapple Ale

SanTan Mr. Pineapple

This is a beer that tastes like pineapple.  It’s perfect for summer. That’s all you really need to know.

Read more about SanTan’s Mr. Pineapple here.

Another favorite: No Label Brewing Company’s Forbidden Lavender WitNo Label Forbidden Lavender Wit AleThis was such a surprise favorite for me, a refreshing and flavorful balance of lavender and citrus.

You can read more about Forbidden Lavender here.

Non Makeup Favorites: I had a blast doing the Yoga and Beer Challenge on Instagram.Yoga Challenge Beauty On A Beer Budget

I apologize that my account was taken over by yoga poses for two weeks. But not really. Because it was fun. I plan to participate in an August Makeup Challenge so check out @BeautyOnABeerBudget on Instagram for more!

Beauty On A Beer Budget July Favorites

Okay friends, 6 days left and then I’m done with grad school!!!!!!!!!!




Questions of the Day: 
-What are your July Favorites?
-How has your summer been?
-Any new favorite beauty finds? (I feel like I’ve been in a rut for awhile.)






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