Sixteen92: Birthday Collection Review

Hey friends!

Today is the last day of Sixteen92’s one year anniversary sale! This also means it’s the last day to buy scents from her limited edition Birthday Collection.

Naturally, yours truly is ON IT, and posting a review of the scents today. Most of the lotions and samples are sold out, but if any of these perfumes sound up your alley-there’s a few 5.5ML bottles left for sale.

So check out what I thought! Before it’s over!

sxiteen92 birthday collection

Informations: This past month Sixteen92 has been celebrating their one year anniversary with sales and specials. The Birthday Collection was a limited edition set. I purchased it for $18 in the second restock, (I was on the fence about purchasing it, but eventually gave in), and it shipped in about a week.

Today, August 15th, is the last day of the sale, so you have to jump on this stuff TODAY.

Scents: These are all cake/dessert themed perfumes. I tried to resist, but I love me a good gourmand.

sixteen92 birthday collection

The Afterparty- Chocolate espresso truffle cake with marshmallow filling topped with dark chocolate ganache

This reminds me of some of the scents from her Hot Chocolate Bar Collection. It’s a deep, rich chocolate scent that smells like cocoa, rather than leaning milky as some chocolate scents can do. I think it’s a warm comforting scent, I’ll probably wear it before bed. But I’m not the hugest fan of chocolate scents as perfumes, so it doesn’t warrant a full buy for me. It scents pretty close to the skin for me, and lasted about four hours.

Photo by: KEKO64 Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Photo by: KEKO64 Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

The Masquerade Party-Spiced pumpkin cake filled with toasted pecans and topped with maple buttercream

To me, this smells exactly like a Pumpkin Spice Latte should smell. (Yeah, I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, too sugary). But this perfume has a really nice blend of spices and maple that create a rich scent, rather than sugary pumpkin, like the latte itself. It’s like the most delicious warm pumpkin bread straight from the oven.

I’ve had a lot of other perfume companies version of the PSL or Pumpkin bread, and I have to say I am really impressed with Sixteen92’s version. It really has the perfect blend of pumpkin, warmth and spices. This perfume has a nice throw on me, (so I used it sparingly so people didn’t think I was chugging the PSL in August), and it lasted about 6 hours on me.

Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net by amenic181

Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net by amenic181

The Pool Party-Fluffy white cake with a pineapple-citrus compote filling sprinkled with toasted coconut

The first whiff of this is pure, sweet pineapple. As it dries the coconut sneaks out from the background, lending a toasty note to this. I don’t really get cake, just a sweet, sugary tropical scent, like a pina colada. Maybe it’s pina colada cake?

This scent lasted the shortest time on me, about two hours, before fading to a soft sweet note.

FreeDigitalPhoto.Net by markuso

FreeDigitalPhoto.Net by markuso

The Princess Party-Orange petit fours with fluffy whipped vanilla cream filling and a caramelized brown butter glaze covered with pink fondant

First, I like the name of this. I want to go to a princess party. Anyways, wet this perfume definitely has a sugary sweet orange scent. It doesn’t smell like true citrus to me, but rather a Dreamsicle, vanilla orange scent.

As it dries, it starts to become more cake-like, it has a sweet warm edge to it that smells like fresh baked goods. However, even as it dries down, it remains sugary. There’s a note in there somewhere that reminds me of cotton candy. Which makes since, because it’s the princess party, which I imagine to a be a totally girly, sugary sweet affair.

This scent lasted ALL day on me, and had a pretty good throw. I was actually expecting it to be more subtle and put it on before work. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure all my coworkers wanted to go my princess party.

Birthday Cake

Image from FreeDitigalPhotos.Net by Duron123

The Tea Party- Vanilla almond birthday cake topped with Earl Grey buttercream

This was the scent that sold me on the collection. I love almond scents and I love Earl Grey. Someone please make me this cake. I would love you forever.

Anyways, true to its description this starts off with a burst of almond-y goodness. It almost leans into almond extract territory, but mellows out before it gets too fake smelling. As it dries down, I get the faintest hint of black tea in the background. More overpowering is a creamy vanilla note that lasts FOREVER on me. My skin loved this vanilla note and amped it up for hours and hours.

I do think this is a nice perfume, but it’s a bit sweeter than I wanted, with that dang vanilla going crazy on my skin. Unfortunately, not a full buy, but I seriously wish I would have gotten this in a lotion. It probably would have been amaaaazzzinnnggg. (And I probably would have attempted to eat it, TBH.)

Photo Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net by tiverylucky

Photo Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net by tiverylucky


No full buys here for me, but this was a seriously fun collection for me to try out. Each cake scent was distinctly different from the one before it, and I felt like each one had it’s fair share of subtle notes that blended perfectly to make some great gourmands.

I actually have been buying from sixteen92 for almost a year now, (October of last year!), and I have to say I am super impressed with how she’s honed her scent making skills in the last year. At first her perfumes were hit or miss for me, but the past few collections have really shined. Like I kinda wish I had bought almost all of the Summer Collection in Full Size, kinda shined.

I’m thinking Sixteen92’s second year is going to be even better than the first, and I’m definitely keeping my eye on this shop!

(And on that note, I got my Fall Circle package in the mail from her yesterday and I am ridiculously excited. YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS.)



Questions of the Day:

-Have you tried any Sixteen92?
-Do you like gourmand perfumes?
-Do you want cake now? I DO.




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