Wantable Accessories- August 2015

Hey friends!

After taking a few months off from Wantable to save funds and enjoy the accessories I already have, I ended up grabbing a box for August. New job=new accessories. At least in my mind.

So check out what I got in my August Wantable Accessories Box!
Wantable August 2015


A Wantable Accessories subscription costs $36 a month, and subscribers receive a $4 credit. You take a fairly detailed profile quiz ranking your accessory likes and dislikes, and every month 4-5 pieces will be sent to you. Wantable also offers similar subscriptions in Makeup and Intimates, (though I’ve never tried them).

It appears Wantable has also introduced a feature where you can now return parts of your box for partial credit. I haven’t done this yet, but it seems like a great idea to help customers who might not like the risk value of paying $40 for jewelry they may or may not life.

I’ve been with Wantable for several months now and you can find some of my other reviews here.

Good Stuff: I forgot to request that I wanted accessories for my new job, but it’s like Wantable knew my soul and picked some out for me anyway.

Wantable Info Card August 2015I guess this is the way they’re packing boxes now and I really like it. The black bags didn’t bother me, but I now have like 56 black bags laying around my house. This seems to be a more cost efficient and less wasteful way to pack the boxes. And it’s pretty!
Wantable August 2015Kristin, $19 and Lena Necklaces, $19

Wantable Accessories August 2015l am in love with the Kristen necklace. The simple gold layered look is so my style and works well with many of my outfits, work and otherwise.

Lena on the other hand isn’t bad at all, but I don’t have a lot of times I need to wear a small fake purple jewel. That being said, I still like it and we’ll get some wear out of it.

Eleanor Earrings, $18

Wantable August Accessories 2015I really love the simple but elegant look of the Eleanor earrings. Unfortunately, I might like the way they look more than they feel, because they were pretty heavy on my ears. Maybe my ears just need to do some strength training!

Faith Earrings, $19

Wantable August 2015 AccessoriesI love this set of simply pretty studs, I’ve been wearing it constantly. They pair well with almost anything and can dress up a simple look. This was definitely a hit for me.


A great box this month! Even the items I only “sorta” liked, I’ll be able to use and incorporate into my wardobe. And I LOVE the Kristin necklace. So perfect for me!

I do have one minor complaint. I usually feel like Wantable’s retail pricing is really accurate, but I feel it was a little off in this box. I usually find Wantable accessories to be comparable to Target or Charming Charlie type of jewelry and those price points are usually pretty similar. However, I thought it was odd that everything in this box was $19. It makes since for the Kristin necklace, but I thought the other accessories might have been a bit overpriced. I’m guessing maybe next time I need to request more statement jewelry? We’ll see!

Anyway, other than that, I did really like everything I received this month!

If you’re interested in trying Wantable, I’ve got a referral link that earns me $10 in Wantable credit.  Help a lady out?



Questions of the Day:
-What did you think of this month’s Wantable?
-What have you tried from Wantable?







One thought on “Wantable Accessories- August 2015

  1. I totally am on the same page with you on the new packaging format. I like it way better than the little velvet bags. You got some really cute stuff this month! That assortment of studs really could go with anything and I also dig the layered necklace concept. Also thank you for totally turning me on to this subscription box because I’ve been loving mine ever since I started getting it!

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