Sixteen92 Fall and Halloween Collection: Review

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It feels weird to be reviewing fall scents when it’s still like 90 degrees where I live, but here I am today with Sixteen92’s Fall and Halloween Collection. These will be launching today at noon, just kidding today is not September tomorrow, September 1st at noon on the Sixteen92 website, so hopefully I can help you make an informed decision in smelling good!

Check it out!

Sixteen92 Fall and Halloween

Halloween Collection: Mallevs Maleficarvm

Sixteen92 Halloween Collection

The witch themed collection! Perfect timing because I just finished reading Uprooted and I found myself thinking of Baba Yaga and Agnieszk as I tried these. (And Uprooted is awesome, if you love fantasy-you’ve got to read it!)

Aradia Tobacco leaf, tonka, crushed cacao pods, aged vanilla, red woods, dried spices

This is a warm, rich tobacco scent, that’s fairly subtle. The spices and vanilla give it a feminine edge to me, and the tobacco leaf is not overpowering, I actually wore it to work one day, because it’s not an offensive or overwhelming tobacco note.

As it dries down it gets smokier and more herbal, it almost starts to get a bit anise/licorice smelling on me. I’m guess that’s the red wood and spices? Even so, I find this perfume very warm and comforting, though it sits very close to the skin on me. It might be a good nighttime scent for me.

8 Words or Less: Subtle, warm, tobacco and vanilla

Baba Yaga- Fiery dragon’s blood incense, sweet woodsmoke, dried herbs, dripping candle wax, forest dirt

Baba Yaga was extremely subtle on me, I think it’s almost too faint. I had to smear it on to get a good throw going. Despite that, this is a clean incense and woodscent to me. The incense and woodsmoke bring in that woodsy, smokey note, but I think the candle wax gives it a bit of a sweet, fresh note. Think Baba Yaga burning incense in the woods. There you go.

I’m not big on incense/patchuloi type blends, but I do think this really well blended. I actually enjoy it, but it’s just not my perfume style.

8 Words or Less: Incense and herbs

Black Annis- Absinthe, black honey, raw sugar, balsam, lbadanum, crushed fern

This is a sharp and fresh, green scent, and I think I get that from the absinthe and fern. As it dries, the green note dies out a bit and the sugar and honey start to come in. It mellows out into a sweet, herbal green scent. This one had a really good throw on me and lasted several hours.

It’s very interesteing and well crafted, but green notes are not my favorite, and absinthe is definitely a note I don’t enjoy-so this one doesn’t really work for me. That being said, if those notes are your jam, you’ll probably enjoy Black Annis.

8 Words or Less: Green and sweet, good for absinthe lovers

Hecate- Tart cranberry, benzoin, fir needle, dark chocolate, smoldering incense, dry leaves

When first applied, the cranberry is the main note, slightly tart and very sweet. As it dries I start to smell the notes of incense and chocolate, rich and deep. The cranberry sometimes veers into fruity medicinal smell territory, but I don’t mind it. It finally dries to a woodsy, smokey scent with fruit. I really like this, it reminds me of a less fruity SS Thornwood Thicket, (which is one my fall faves), it also had a decent throw and lasted several hours before fading to a sweet, smokey scent.

8 Words or Less: Cranberry, woods and chocolate. Nice.

Morgan Le Fey- Black patchouli, amber resin, vanilla bean, warm gingerbread

Patchouli and gingbread. That’s what I get upon application, and I don’t hate it. (Which you may note, I don’t really like patchouli blends, so this is surprising). I think I like the warm spicyness of the gingerbread and the sweet vanilla mixed with the smokey incense notes. And the patchouli is pretty subtle here, the gingerbread is the star of the show to me. This also feels comforting to me and I want to get wrapped up in a blanket and drink hot cocoa now. Just kidding it’s 100 degrees outside.

8 Words Or Less: Witchy gingerbread

Overall:This is a moody, smokey, but subtle collection. I think we got a glimpse into each witch’s cauldron, and some of them smell lovely. I’m on the fence about a full size purchase, (though if any of these scents come out in a wax tart form, I’ll be on it!), but my favorites were Aradia, Hecate, and Morgan Le Fey.

Sixteen92 Fall Collection:

Sixteen92 Fall Collection

Bela Lugosi’s Dead- Night-black clove bud, tobacco absolute, smoked benzoin resin, flame

I actually really enjoy a good smokey perfume. Unfortunately, this one crosses my line from “good burning things” to “charred, barbecue-like burning things”. (Which is a line I didn’t know I had.) I think that’s the clove’s fault, which is usually a hit or miss scent on me. Just a bit too much for me, and because of this, naturally it has an amazing throw and lasts forever on me, before fading to a slight, burnt smell.

8 Words or Less: Burnt vampire.

(Every Day Is) Halloween-An overflowing candy pail, the crunch of leather boots on fallen leaves, cold stones, damp air and a wisp of bonfire smoke

I love me an atmospheric scent, and this one is so perfect for fall. I live in a place that doesn’t get real Autumn, and basically I assume this is what the town in Hocus Pocus smells like  a New England Fall smells like.

Wet, this sweet and smells like dry autumn leaves and chocolate candy. As it dries, the leather and a crisp cool smell of fall air emerge. There’s a very subtle note of smoke in the distance. It really does remind me of what Halloween night smells like, exciting, crisp, and full of possibility. DANG. I don’t know if I need this in a full size, but I need it in a Wax tart. FOR SURE.

This sat pretty close to my skin, but it lasted for about 5 hours, finally fading to a soft, sweet and smokey note.

8 Words or Less: Wonderful atmospheric scent, smells like Halloween night.

Last Exit for the Lost- Orchard apples, woven wood baskets, dried hay, distant chimney smoke on cool air

My skin doesn’t really like apple notes and usually turns them into weird and disturbing cleaning product scents, and that sorta happened with this perfume when it was wet. As it dried, the smokiness and wood came out more and the apple faded. I didn’t really like it until about 30 minutes in, and by then it had morphed into a more soft, smokey perfume with just a hint of a fruity twist. Not my favorite, but a neat concept.

8 Words Or Less: Apple goes weird on me, but mellows to smokey woods. (That was 10, but whatevs.)

Lucretia, My Reflection-Orris root, immortelle, white sandalwood, blackened vanilla, star anise

Heyyooo licorice. I don’t really enjoy licorice-like scents, but even I have to admit this is pretty well blended. It’s slightly sweet and mysterious, with that evil little licorice the star of the show. This lasted a fairly long time on me, maybe 4-6 hours, (that’s long on me), but remained close to the skin the whole time.

8 Words Or Less: Good, if you like licorice.

Spellbound-Creamed pumpkin, spiced bourbon and tahitian vanillas, sticky marshmallow fluff

Well, hello perfect pumpkin fall scent. I can stop looking, I have found you. Seriously. This is the pumpkin perfume to rule all other pumpkin perfumes. It smells like sweet, creamy pumpkin with the perfect amount of spices and sweetness. Not too Pumpkin Spice Latte, but not too Pumpkin Marshmallow either, it’s perfectly in the middle. This also had a great throw on me, and lasted about 6 hours, fading to a soft, spicy pumpkin.

I meant to get this in a wax tart during the presale, but was being a boss at my new job and completely forgot. SOB.

8 Words Or Less: One pumpkin scent to RULE THEM ALL.

Overall: Spellbound and (Every Day Is) Halloween are rockstar hits for me. I want them in wax tarts and in everything. The other perfumes didn’t work for me because of certain notes that my skin hates, but even they are well blended and fun to smell. Sixteen92 NAILED Halloween and Fall, friends. These are some great scents for the season with pretty good lasting time, (which was always my biggest complaint with Sixteen92). Color me impressed! (Do people still say color me? I do. So ok.)



Question of the Day:
-What did you think of Sixteen92’s Fall and Halloween Collection?
-Are you picking up anything from the launch today?
-What is your Fall scent to rule them all?






5 thoughts on “Sixteen92 Fall and Halloween Collection: Review

    • I put both on to compare and contrast, (for science), and while they both have a very similar pumpkin note, Spellbound is definitely spicier. Masquerade Party leans more cake-like with a vanilla sweetness. Spellbound is your Pumpkin Latte.

  1. Yaaass Circle! I love having the Circle subscription. 🙂 This was so fun to read, we have such different taste in perfume. Baba Yaga and Last Exit for the Lost were my favorites! I really want to like Morgan Le Fey but I think I may have to age it a bit first? Hmm….time to experiment!

    • I think I was in the minority for not being enamored with Last Exit for the Lost, but my skin just hates apple scents. Skin chemistry is a wacky thing!

      And yes, I’m so glad I jumped on the Circle! Sixteen92 has just steadily gotten better and better!

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