Sunday Funday: Happy Hour- Glamour Doll Eyes Customized Pressed Quad and Harpoon’s Oktoberfest

Hey friends!

Happy Labor Day, American friends! Happy Monday, all other friends!

However you’re enjoying the day, I have a quick Happy Hour for you! For September, I’ll be sharing my favorite Oktoberfest beers. (Because Oktoberfest begins in September. It’s slightly confusing, but just go with it.) So to kick it off, we have Harpoon’s Octoberfest!

Also, I have to share one of my latest and greatest makeup finds! Friends, I am really excited about this one because I finally crafted the most absolute perfect quad! I finally bought one of Glamour Doll Eyes’ customized pressed eye shadow quads, and my goodness!

Check it out!

harpoon octoberfest

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

Makeup of the Week: Glamour Doll Eyes’ Custom Quad Pressed Eyeshadows in Vanilla Unicorn, Mannequin, Heedless Heart, and Rose City, $25
OR $5 individually!!!

That was a mouthful. But anyway, Glamour Doll Eyes recently released several pressed eye shadows into their permanent line. These can either be purchased individually in clamshells for $5 or you can make your own quad for $25.

These pressed shadows have been out a while, but I missed the initial launch and consequently all the colors I wanted for my quad were never in stock together. UNTIL RECENTLY. And behold:

Glamour Doll Eyes Pressed Shadow Quad

Soooo pretty.

GDE’s pressed shadows are pretty much life. Like it’s hard for me to use other pressed shadows now. These are creamy, buttery, silky smooth. And they are sooooo pigmented. I mean look:

Glamour Doll Eyes Pressed Quad Swatches

One swatch wonders, people. Top to Bottom: Vanilla Unicorn, Manequin, Heedless Heart, and Rose City.

Look at that business. That is one swipe, over nothing.

Glamour Doll Eyes Pressed eye shadows

I really don’t have any negatives to say about these. I would definitely recommend a primer as these are super buttery, i.e. can be slippery. You can use a regular primer, but I personally love using them over GDE’s Glitter Fix just for that extra pop of color.

I would also mention that while the quad can definitely travel, be careful. These little guys do break easily. (And by break easily, I guess I mean don’t drop them on cement, as I did.) The good news is that you can easily fix them if you were to drop them on cement. Which I don’t recommend.

Anyway, at $5 each they run about the same price as the L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows, but they are much more awesome. And cruelty-free. And indie, so you’re supporting a small business owner. Need I go on?

I have a feeling I’ll be making another quad soon with the new colors that just got released!

Beer of the Week: Harpoon’s Octoberfest

Harpoon Octoberfest

Okay, disclaimer: This is definitely not my favorite Octoberfest beer. But since my faves are all pretty local to my home state, (it has a big German population), I wanted to include a fairly national chain for people not located in my gigantic state, so hello, Harpoon!

And if you don’t know what an Oktoberfest beer is, here’s my definition: A malty, rich beer that is red and you drink it in Fall with a pretzel.

If you’d like more information, here’s Beer Advocate’s description:Before refrigeration, it was nearly impossible to brew beer in the summer due to the hot weather and bacterial infections. Brewing ended with the coming of spring, and began again in the fall. Most were brewed in March (Märzen). These brews were kept in cold storage over the spring and summer months, or brewed at a higher gravity, so they’d keep. Märzenbier is full-bodied, rich, toasty, typically dark copper in color with a medium to high alcohol content.

The common Munich Oktoberfest beer served at Wies’n (the location at which Munich celebrates its Oktoberfest) contains roughly 5.0-6.0% alcohol by volume, is dark/copper in color, has a mild hop profile and is typically labeled as a Bavarian Märzenbier in style.

Actual Harpoon Review: Dang, I am bold happy today.

Anyway, this is a very pleasant and full bodied Octoberfest offering. If you’re looking to try your first Octoberfest beer, you won’t go wrong with this one. It’s got a very mild hop flavor, leaning more towards malty sweetness. It wasn’t very carbonated, but creamy and medium-bodied. It was really decent, but nothing too special to write home about. That being said, it’s a great beer to whet your Octoberfest petite and drink over pretzels and brats. (Or vegetarian brats, if you’re me.)

That’s it for today, friends! Hope you’re having a great Monday!



Questions of the Day:
-Are you well versed in the ways of Oktoberfest?
-Have you tried any of GDE’s pressed eye shadows?
-What is your dream quad?



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