Happy Hour: Sunsets and Seas’ Fall Collection and Karbachtoberfest

Hey friends!

Sorry I disappeared for a bit! Apparently adjusting to my new found dream job has taken more time than I thought. Mostly in the sense that my free time usually involves me laying and staring a wall. My brain is broken, you guys!

Seriously, I’ve had the worst writer’s block lately. Which is hysterical because I write reviews, you would think this would not happen. But I take all my pictures and then I find myself struggling to find words to describe items. I just keep thinking, “Good, this is good. This is okay. This is meh.” None of these thoughts are super helpful in reviewing beer and makeup.

So I decided to try and break my writer’s block by posting anyway. If my descriptions are more lackluster than usual, forgive me, as I fight through this verbally barren time in my life.

And today’s Happy Hour is, of course, a word heavy post because I decided to switch it up and review perfumes and bath bombs for Happy Hour! I tried out Sunset and Seas, Hello Waffle’s new beauty and bath line, and I wanted to share! She had Fall Scents! Which go great with Octoberfest beers like Karbachtoberfest!I had to do it!

So check it out!

happy hour karbachtoberfest

Please enjoy your beer and beauty products responsibly.

Product of the Week: Sunsets and Seas’ Fall Perfumes and Bath Bombs.

When Sunsets and Seas had a soft opening I grabbed some of the perfumes and bath bombs. There are also lotions and body oils but since I’m still working on lotions from last fall, I opted out of those. I do have some self-restraint.

So on to the perfumes! I picked out 4 scents from the fall collection and Christine threw in a Lavender Woods sample.

Perfumes: Sample sizes, $4.50 in CAD, $3.40 in USD.

Sunsets and Seas perfumes

Haunted Hay Ride-Fall is probably my favourite season. The brisk autumn air and changing leaves makes for the best outdoor activities. Don’t be fooled by the notes, Haunted Hay Ride is a delightfully fruity blend. 

Notes: Fig, Black and Red Currant, Sweet Hay, Tobacco, Woodsmoke, Vanilla 

This was a confusing scent to me and I had a hard time trying to figure out the notes, (I did a blind sniff test). It sorta smells like cool night air with a bit of sweetness, but there’s a under note of something kind of artificial and spicy? When I looked at the notes, I realized I was getting the sweetness from the hay scent, (I probably should have realized there was hay in this, thanks to the name, I’m smart), and I think the artificial note must be the tobacco. Or maybe the fig?  Either way, this scent doesn’t really work for me. It lasted about 3 hours on me and faded to a woodsy vanilla scent.

Papier- Damp wood and heavy musk fill the air as two ambers compete for dominance while a single lone rose rises up from the depths. The epitome of old. Not for the fainthearted. Dark, earthy, and musty.

Notes: Musk, Fossilized Amber, Old Paper, Cedarwood, Agarwood, and Dried Rose.
Okay, I do love me a rose scent. I don’t care how old lady it smells, I’m on it. Unfortunately, I might be fainthearted because this leans a bit too old lady even for me. I think it’s the musk and amber. They’re just reallllly musky and amber-y, I do feel like I’m in an old library or bookstore. The rose is there, but it it’s second fiddle to the antique-y, cedar and musk notes. This faded down to a soft, old musk after about 3 hours.

Hiking Season- Nothing like some delicious nutty coconut after a long hike in the woods. This is a darker coconut scent, with smokyness and woody nuances.

Notes: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Smoke, Coconut Pulp CO2

I like this one, and I’m not the biggest coconut fan, so that’s saying something. It smells like warm, sweet vanilla with a very subtle coconut. It’s not in-your-face-beach-coconut, but a creamy coconut that balances well with the other notes. Unfortunately, this scent didn’t last very long on me and it sat very close to the skin. I need this scent pumped up on steroids. Or in lotion form, I be this would be a fantastic lotion scent.

The Last Harvest- Is picking season over already? This is the last of summer’s harvest. A freshly green but fruity blend.
Fruity, warm and soft with a hint of vanilla. This is more summery than fall to me with it’s fresh berry notes, but dang it’s good! It’s so bright and fun, like a delicious berry sangria. It only lasted a few hours on me, but it’s a great fruity scent.

Notes: Strawberries, Rasberries, Clover, Benzoin, Caramel, Vanilla

Lavender Woods-A woody vanilla haunts the bed of simple pure lavender. Comforting.

Notes: Lavender, Sandalwood, and Vanilla

Hello, yes, good lavender. Mostly just lavender, though. I don’t get a lot of vanilla or woods, This probably is too much lavender for a perfume scent, but oh my goodness I bet this is amazing in all the other bath products. Pretty good throw and

Overall: Not any huge hits for me, but some great potential. Hiking Season, The Last Harvest, and Lavender Woods were all really nice. I do think most of these scents are probably better for the bath products than as perfumes, but it’s cool that the option to get them in either form exists.

Bath Bombs, $5.50 CAD and $4.16 USD

Sunsets and Seas Bath Bombs

As a bath addict, I had to pick up some of Sunset and Seas’ bath bombs. I grabbed two in Fall Scents, Candied Pears and Let’s Go to the Orchards.  I then got two from the general collection and one from the Summer Collection that I thought would be soothing scents for baths, Lavender Woods and La Mer.

I crumbled these up in running water in my bath tub, like the directions said, and behold, bubbles! They were just light, little bubbles that only lasted about 10-20 minutes, but they were there! I could also smell the scent in each bubble bomb, and they made my skin feel very soft. Some bubble bars/bath bombs make my skin too slimy, but these were nicely moisturizing. Overall, not Lush quality, but probably some of the better indie bubble bombs I’ve been trying.

Candied Pears-The sweetest candied pears coupled with Sunsets & Seas Vanille. Sugary, gourmand, and sticky.  
Notes: Sugared Pears, Apple, Caramel, Vanilla, Musk

In bath bomb form, this was just slightly sweet and fruity. It mostly just smelled sweet and pleasant.

Let’s Go to the Orchards-Creamy apples, fresh apples, green apples, all the apples! Opens with a burst of juicy apples, mellows to a creamier apple. An apple lover’s delight. 
Notes: Green Apples, Cream, Vanilla

If you would like to take an apple bath, this is the bath bomb for you. It’s a pretty light, subtle scent, but still nice.

Lavender Woods-A woody vanilla haunts the bed of simple pure lavender. Comforting.
Notes: Lavender, Sandalwood, and Vanilla

Much lighter than the perfume version, but still a lovely lavender scent. I always love lavender bath products, so I’ll probably want to grab this in the whipped soaps when they come out.

La Mer- The aquatic to end all aquatics. Imagine being on a sea cliff watching whitecaps of the ocean crash against the rocks below. Salty, stormy, wet. 
Notes: Rolling Ocean Waves, Musk, Clary Sage, Ozone, and a drop of Salty Seaweed.

In bath bomb form, this was very fresh and clean smelling. I thought I would get more aquatic, but this translated more to refreshing and light.

Overall: Sunset and Seas will be releasing Whipped Soaps and cold pressed soaps soon, and I can not wait!

Beer of the Week: Karbachtoberfest


I included this Octoberfest from a smaller local brewing company because it’s a hoppier take on the traditional style. I happen to be a bit of a hop head and I don’t mind this slightly bitter take on the style. There are still the typical caramel and rich earthy flavors, but the bolder hop taste adds a fun twist.

I may or may not be going to Octoberfest at this brewery next week, and let me tell you, I am beyond pumped to have this with a pretzel!

That’s it for today! Have a great weekend, friends! Hopefully it’s fall where you are!



Questions of the Day:
-Have you tried any new companies lately?
-Have you tried Sunsets and Seas?
-Do you ever get Writer’s Block? Or does your brain ever melt? Help?



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