Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Zombie Survival Kit!

Hey friends!

How was your week? I’ve got a really random TREAT YO SELF purchase to share with everyone today. About a month ago, on the day it was available for pre-order, I saw that Fortune Cookie Soap was doing a Zombie Survival Kit for $20 including shipping. Now, I don’t need any more bath or body products, technically speaking, but it was right when I had started the new job and I felt like spoiling myself.

So here I am a month later the proud owner of a Zombie Survival Kit, the big launch happened last Friday BUT, I saw talk on Facebook that there might be a restock… so of course, I feel inclined to share my feelings about this Collection.

So let’s check it out!

Fortune Cookie Soap Zombie Survival Kit

All the goodies, the packaging was awesome as always.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Zombie Survival Kit

Safe Zone-Fortune Cookie Soap-…Mouthwatering hotcakes, topped with berried and cream.Fortune Cookie Soap Zombie

Oy, this zombie cookie is pretty ugly, as it’s meant to be. It will definitely be good to bust out for Halloween use. I do like the creepy reddish sheen, but I didn’t enjoy the black powdery substance that seemed to be all over it. It got on my hands when I handled the cookie and I don’t think soap should leave a mark!

OCD Han Sanitizer, Whipped Cream, Room Spray Fortune Cookie Soap

Weapon of Choice-OCD Hand Sanitizer-A splash of white wine distilled with rotting peaches and decayed citrus.
I love this scent for a Hand Sanitizer! It smells like sangria, it’s so fruity with an emphasis on the peaches. It’s really strong and my hands smelled like a fruit explosion. Which is good.

Rule #47-Whipped Cream-Grotesque green apple flesh, oozing with blackened caramel
I always love the formula of FCS whipped cream. It’s moisturizing, but absorbs quickly, so I don’t have to sit around with slimy hands. This scent is the super tart and sugary, candy apple scent, like those fake caramel apple lollipops. I don’t mind it, but I’m also not a big apple fan, in general. I’ll keep this and use it when I’m in the mood for sweet, candy goodness. Also it’s a wacky green color, and that’s fun!

Rule 47 Whipped Cream

Zombie Repellent- Room Spray-Rotten apple flesh and mulled fruits decomposing on spicy cinnamon stickers, dusted with brown sugar with black vanilla bean and warm oak
This was a super powerful smell and it smelled exactly like one of those big craft stores, like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. I think it’s because of the strong cinnamon and apple notes, its kind of a potpourri-like scent that you can find at craft stores. It is fall apples and spices, IN YOUR FACE. I like it, but it’s pretty heavy handed so be warned if subtle fall scents are more your jam.


Wound Repair-Salve-Lace-like films of cool, white ice, drizzled with melted chocolate.Wound Repair SalveI just used this as cuticle oil, because I pick at my cuticles and they’re basically an open wound, so I thought it would be great. I don’t know if it worked, but it definitely felt moisturizing and it smelled like chocolate. So I didn’t mind.

Airborn-Steam Me Up Scotty! Rich, dark coffee swirled with thick caramel and melted chocolate

Steam Me Up Scotty I really like this scent, it smells like a sugary sweet coffee drink that will immediately give you cavities. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it was great in this Steam Me Up Scotty form, I couldn’t really smell it in the shower. I’ve noticed that my last few orders of Shower Steamers have been pretty weak. I don’t know if I’m picking the wrong scents or it’s a phase they’re going through, but I want my whole shower to smell fabulous when I use these.

Liquid Courage-Perfume OilPuffy clouds of cotton candy dripping with sticky raspberries, pineapples and wild watermelon, all wrapped in the soft embrace of night blooming flowers.

Liquid Courage Perfume Oil FCS

The packaging on this is so fun, it’s a wooden cork with wax on top. The scent itself is super fruity and sweet. It smells like a tropical beverage with the pineapples and raspberries. It’s not a nuanced complicated scent by any means, but it is pretty fun and fruity. It lasted about 5-6 hours on me and had a decent throw.

Blood Transfusion-Body Wash-Rock candy and bloated berries, with a smear of sticky bubble gum
Fortune Cookie Soap Box Zombie Survival Kit

This is the first time I’ve tried a FCS body wash, and I liked it! It bubbled and lathered up really well on my loofah and it made my whole shower smell amazing. The scent was very little kiddish, huge bursts of berries and candy, but I liked it!


I’m so glad I impulse purchased this kit! First, the packaging was so fun, even Mr. Danger was a bit jealous when he saw it in the mail. Second, I think I liked most of these scents more than the ones we got in the Fall Box. I just loved these intense fruity smells and think they work for Fall.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more one-off boxes in the future!

For the Collection Launch on Friday, there was unlimited number of items, but they were only up for an hour! I have a feeling if the restock does happen, it will be a similar format. So if you see something you like, it’s now or never!

Questions of the Day:
-Did you grab anything from the Collection Launch? Or are you hoping for a restock?
-Did you impulse grab one of these kits, too?
-What’s your favorite impulse purchase?

Love, Rebs!

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