Sunday Funday-Happy Hour: Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale and Wet N’ Wild Fall Palettes

Hey friends!

How have you been? I got attacked by a stomach virus that took a week to recover from. It was pretty gross.

Anyway, I finally started to feel better this weekend and got to work on putting together a new Sunday Funday Happy Hour! Today I’m sharing probably one of the most delicious takes on pumpkin beer, Point Brewery’s Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale and some of the new Fall 5 pan palettes from Wet N’ Wild.

So check it out!

Happy Hour Wet N Wild Fall

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

Makeup of the Week: Wet N’ Wild Limited Edition Fall 2015 5 Pan Palettes, $3.99 each

Wet N Wild Fall 2015 Collection

I saw these in my local grocery store of all places and grabbed them on a whim. And it turns out, it was a good impulse purchase because I’ve been digging them!

First up I have: The Gal-Lery Next Door, which I had to get because I adore purples.

The Gal-lery Next Door Wet N Wild Swatch

It won’t be replacing my favorite Wet N Wild Petal Pusher palette, but these all had decent pigmentation and blend, with the exception of the crease color, (the bottom color). That one was kind of chalky.

I also had to get Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. Look at the greens!Girls Just Wanna Have Funds Wet N Wild Fall 2015

These all had great pigmentation and were very smooth and easy to work with. Definitely my favorite of the three palettes I got!

And because it looked like a glitter dream I got Don’t Be a Poser.Don't Be a Poser Wet N Wild Fall 2015

This one was pretty disappointing to me and I don’t actually recommended it-but I still wanted to share for anyone who was interested. The only colors that really impressed me were the Eyelid and Base color. The rest just came out as black with a bit of glitter. Ah well, they might make interesting eyeliners.

And just in case your wondering, I have not been following the suggested “Eyelid” “Crease” guides. I go rogue.

But all in all, not bad for $4! Wet N Wild continues to throw down some good makeup for super budget friendly prices!

Beer of the Week: Point Brewery’s Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale

Point Brewery Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale

Um, so until researching this beer for this post I’ve been calling the brewery 1857. I am so observant.

Anyway, I don’t know very much about Point Brewery except that I adore this beer. Which is a big claim from me because I usually don’t prefer pumpkin in ale style beers. It’s just too thin or too sweet.

That is not the case here! This beer tastes exactly like pumpkin pie. I am not kidding. The perfect amount of pumpkin, perfect amount of sweetness, and the perfect amount of spices. The mouth feel is not too thin or too thick, it’s smooth and pleasant. Seriously, this is pumpkin pie in a glass. I can not wax poetic enough about it, if you love pumpkin pie. GET THIS.

That’s it for today!



Questions of the Day:
-Favorite pumpkin beer? GO!
-Did you get anything from the Fall 2015 Wet N’ Wild collection?
-What’s your remedy for evil plague viruses that attack bloggers? Mine appears to be La Croix. Tons of La Croix

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