Sunday Funday-Happy Hour: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale and Maybelline Baby Skin Blush

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? I attended a brunch and for the first time in years, actually baked a dish instead of grabbing something from the store! Oh the wonders of life post grad school!

Naturally, no brunch is complete without a little booze, and while I do enjoy the traditional mimosa, today’s Happy Hour beer, Alltech’s Lexington Brewing Company’s¬†Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale matched up perfectly with the Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast Bake I made. (I’ll share the link to that recipe with you guys at the end of this post-if you are interested!)

On the makeup side of things, I continue my trend of being super lazy and buying convenience products with Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush Blush.

So let’s check it out!happy hour baby skin blush

Makeup of the Week: Maybelline’s Instant Cheek Flush Blush in Pop of Peach, $5

maybelline baby skin instant cheek flush blush

First a disclaimer: this product has some pros, but it also has some cons. So I can’t stand from the mountain tops shouting how much I love it, because it’s not perfect. But it still fills a need in my blush life that I didn’t know I had.

maybelline instant cheek flush baby skin blush

3 swipes of product, you can see how sheer it is.

This is a very sheer, almost gloss-like blush product. I like that I can easily smear it on my cheeks and blend it in and go. It creates a really natural flush on my cheeks and it easily blends to look subtle and fresh-faced. I mean, I literally had someone tell me I looked “fresh-faced” while wearing it.

However, this barely lasts longer than 3-4 hours on my skin. Long lasting, it is not. I also am not entirely sure how I feel about the shiny, slippery gloss-like texture. I’m used to the nice creamy finishes of ColourPop’s creme blushes. So these are definite draw backs.

But, I’ve found myself actually using this a lot because it’s so easy to apply in a hurry and it looks so natural and pretty. I just wish it lasted longer! Ah well, for $5 I can easily buy a new one if I run out.

Beer of the Week: Alltech’s Lexington Brewing Company’s Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale

This was an unexpected find from my local grocery store! (Who must have some sort of craft beer lover working in their buying department, because we’ve had some really good and random beers show up lately).

With every sip you get a delightful taste of pumpkin, vanilla, caramel, spices and a sweet tang of bourbon. I think they all compliment each other really well-the bourbon isn’t too overpowering, nor is the pumpkin. You would think with that flavor profile it would be heavy, but this is actually a really light and refreshing beer. It lends itself to an ale surprisingly well, (although it’s ABV is at stout level at 10%!). Overall, this is a really refreshing and well done pumpkin ale, and if you happen to come across it-snatch it up!

And it pairs really well with this Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast Bake!

That’s it for today! I hope to have some posts coming up this week- it’s all a matter of actually sitting still enough to get them done!



Questions of the Day:
-How was your weekend?
-What’s your favorite brunch dish?
-Do you have any makeup products that you really like,despite their flaws?




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