Sunday Funday: 4 Favorite Fall Lipsticks and Wasatch’s Black O’Lantern

Hey friends!

Happy Sunday! It’s been a rainy, dreary weekend over here which means I finally sat down and banged out some blog posts! We are talking posts that are done, scheduled and ready for your enjoyment. Which means, I’ll have more than one post this week! What. I know. It’s pretty shocking.

Will this trend last? To be continued…

For today’s post, I rounded up four of my favorite Fall 2015 lipsticks to share with you. If you caught my favorite Fall lipsticks posts last year, never fear-these are all brand new. And naturally, they are all under $8.

As for the beer, I bring you a deep, dark Pumpkin stout, Wasatch’s Black O’Lantern. It’s that time of year for dark beers. And dark lips. Seriously, forget Pumpkin Spice, Fall makeup and beer is where it’s at.

So check it out!

happy hour nyx intense butter gloss

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

Makeup of the Week: Drugstore Fall Lips

4 fall lipstick swatches maybelline revlon nyx

Maybelline- A Touch of Spice Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color, $7
I finally grabbed this after seeing people rave about it. And yes, it’s worth the raves. This is a pigmented lovely mauve nude color, (which is perfect for my darker lips). It’s comfortable to wear and extremely long lasting, even with eating and drinking. I’ve worn it to work and every time I do I have people compliment me on the lip color. It’s that good, people notice it. Definitely recommend!

Revlon- Fiery Matte Balm, $7- I’d been hunting for the 4 new (and permanent!) Matte Balms from the Fiery Temptress Collection, and finally grabbed Fiery at my local grocery store of all places. I really wanted Fierce, an early 90’s burnt red, but naturally people had opened it and already tried it on. (This is a pet peeve of mine, if you break the seal to try lipsticks on- I shake my fist at you! Stop being gross and crusty!)

Anyway, this is a lovely berry red-pink. The matte balm formula is so comfy to wear, and not drying at all. It’s not pure matte, there is a bit of a sheen, but the trade off for comfort is worth it. The formula is also super long lasting, even after eating and drinking I had a nice berry stain. Definitely a love lipstick!

NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss- Toasted Marshmallow, $6

Okay, I’m kinda cheating here. I reviewed these back in February. But I’ve been bringing them out because the dark colors are just perfect for Fall. I’ve been especially loving Toasted Marshmallow and it’s lovely deep berry color.

Bite Beauty Mini in Kir Royale- 250 Sephora Points
Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Sephora or Sephora website to grab this 250 bonus point gift. Seriously,  Kir Royale is a gorgeous purple berry color. The gift set comes with a mirror, a lip gloss and a mini creme lipstick. And holy cannoli, that purple-berry color. I melt for it.

This is a Limited Edition color, which ends in October, so seriously- run to Sephora. Break down the doors. Demand this become a permanent color. Whatever it takes.

Beer of the Week: Wasatch’s Black O’ Lantern Pumpkin Stout

Wasatch Black O' Lantern

I hate to be swayed by a bottle label, but I have to admit, Black O’ Lantern attacked me with it’s Halloween-esque label.

I also wanted to show off this beer because it’s dark. Dark as my soul when I find out Kir Royale is a Limited Edition Bite Beauty color. And I haven’t shared a lot of dark beers recently, so I thought I could shake it up today.

Black O’ Lantern is so dark, I would say it leans more towards coffee and cocoa flavors than pumpkin. It’s got a smooth black malty taste with pumpkin spices that make me think more of a nice black cup of coffee. Beer coffee. It’s pretty carbonated for a stout, but it’s still creamy enough to fit my stout bill. This is the kind of beer you want  to sip on a cold night with a hearty piece of chocolate cake, and at 6.5% ABV, you can sip away!

That’s it for today!

See you tomorrow for a new post! Yes, for reals. A new post! Hollaaaaa!



Questions of the Day:
-What is your favorite fall lipstick?
-Are you drinking dark beers right now? Or no beers at all?
-Why is Kir Royale a LE color? WHY?!



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