Sunday Funday: Belated Happy Hour-Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen and Best Bite Rewind Matte Lip Set

Hey friends!

How are you guys?!

I’m about a week behind in my posts, but I have a really good reason! I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year! I haven’t the past few years due to writing my thesis, but this year it’s on! (And if you aren’t sure what NaNoWriMo is, check it out here!)

That does mean my blog posting is even slower than usual, but I’ll try to get some in here and there. Such as this very belated Day of the Dead post, which was supposed to come out last Sunday-but here we are!

So let’s pretend it’s last Sunday, November 1, so we can enjoy this Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen from Los Muertos Brewing and Bite Beauty’s Best Bite Rewind Matte Lip Color Set, a holiday exclusive!

So let’s check it out!

happy hour bite beauty rewind

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

Makeup of the Week: Bite Beauty’s Best Bite Rewind Set, $25

This is one of Sephora’s holiday sets, and has 4 mini matte creme lip crayons for $25, which puts each one at roughly $5.75 for each crayon, which is not a bad deal. Plus it comes in a cute metal case with a mirror.
Bite Beauty Holiday

Bite Beauty Rewind

It does not come with that awesome window.

I’ve actually been caring the lipsticks in the case, but I’m sure you can use it for other purposes.

In the set you get Cafe (peachy-brown nude), Torte (brown-toned rose), Coulis (raspberry red), Aubergine (eggplant).

Best Bite Rewind

Cafe, Torte, Aubergine, and Coulis.

The crayons are creamy, pigmented, and easy to apply.

best bite rewind swatch

Cafe is too light for my skin tone, but I will gift it to a happy owner. I adore Torte, (maybe why I got so wild with my application above) it’s perfect for work. Coulis has been my go-to weekend lip color, it’s the perfect, dramatic pinky-red. And Aubergine is a deep sexy purple.

I love the formula on Bite’s matte colors. It’s very comfortable to wear. My only complaint is the darker colors tend to wear away in the middle pretty fast, (okay by pretty fast, I mean while drinking beer and eating cheese fries. So you be the judge of that.), so you do need to keep an eye on application.

Overall, I thought this was a fantastic deal for $25. TREAT YO SELF, or gift it to a bestie. Either way it’s a win.

Beer of the Week: Los Muertos’ Brewing Company’s Immoral Beloved Hefeweizen.

Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen

Where I live Day of the Dead is pretty legit. Mr. Danger and I actually were going to attend a Dia De Los Muertos party at a local brewery. (Then it rained and we got lazy. But we had the best of intentions!) Anyway, I saved this beer to drink around the holiday and also to serve as my lighter Fall beer.

Though this is described as a Hefeweizen I actually found it to be more in line with a Sour. I say that because I got a lot of yeasty, banana flavors making it almost take a funky, sour taste rather than the wheat notes I typically associate with Hefs. This has mild hops and a thin texture, but it’s pretty crisp and refreshing. Honestly, I think it’s just an okay beer, but I’m partial to darker beers this time of year-so this was my attempt to expand my Fall horizons. I think this is definitely an interesting beer to try and I might get it if I saw it on tap in a bar, but I’m not sure I’ll be grabbing a six pack anytime soon.

Happy Hour Bite Beauty Rewind

That’s it for this belated Happy Hour post! With the release of a bunch of indie winter collections this week, I should have some more posts up. But, I might continue to be pretty inconsistent as I attempt to tackle NaNoWriMo this month!

Happy Sunday!



Questions of the Day:
-Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
-Have you picked up any holiday sets yet?
-Have you taken down your Halloween decor? Because mine is still up. I’m good at adulting.




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