Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag: October 2014

Hey friends!

Taking a little paper writing break here, because I had to share my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, (mini size, $12), from this month.

It was very good! It made me re-affirm that this is a subscription I will be keeping around. (Some have been on the chopping block as I start to save up money for Christmas gifts, but RH-you’re safe.)

Also as you guys know, I’ve kinda been in a grad school funk lately, so receiving a great package always lifts my mood. (So does buying lots of makeup-but I’m sticking to my budget!) And this Rainbow Honey delivery made me smile and sniff everything.

Okay, I will stop rambling, and share the goods:

rainbow honey mystery bag october 2014

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Happy Hour: September Favorites

Hi friends!

As this post publishes, I’m practicing walking down an aisle. (AKA I am being a bridesmaid for a lovely friend/roomie from college.) With all the wedding festivities I’m involved in this weekend, I’m trying something new for my monthly favorites post. (AKA I can not make another video until after my I finish my thesis, because that business is time consuming.)

So today I’m sharing a round up of my favorite’s from this past month, some old and some new.

Let me know what you think!

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Pampering On a Budget

Hey friends!

I got a message from this universe this past weekend when I got sick (for the third weekend since school/work started again), and it was, “SLOW DOWN AND SLEEP 13+ HOURS”. So I did. And hello! I feel like a person again!

So if you are also finding yourself spread in 67 different directions and injecting espresso into your veins, (ok, it wasn’t that bad, but I was relying on a steady stream of caffeine to exist), then I urge you to take some time for yourself this week.

Maybe just an hour, maybe a whole day. But I feel like in our culture that rewards and encourages busyness and perpetual motion, (for more on the glorification of busyness, check out this article and this one) sometimes it’s awesome to do absolutely nothing.

And I can help you with that! Here are some of my favorite budget products to indulge in when I want to take some time to pamper myself.

Pampering on a Budget

Pampering on a Budget

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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag: September 2014

Hey friends!

How’s your Monday going? I am happy to report that I am, (crossing my fingers), going to have a somewhat normal week! I might even get to paint my nails and talk to my husband!

This is perfect timing because last week I got my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag. My nails have been woefully boring due to lack of time, but thankfully Rainbow Honey’s September offerings are very lovely and I will soon have fingernails covered in glitter again!

Rainbow Honey also shared some new products in the mystery bag this month, addressing some of the minor gripes I had last month, so overall I was pretty excited about September’s collection.

Read on to find out what I got this month!

rainbow honey September bag

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Rainbow Honey: August 2014 Mystery Bag

If you’re looking for this week’s Happy Hour post, never fear, I’m moving this series to Friday, and there will be a new post tomorrow to end the week!

Hello Beauties!

One of my favorite subscriptions arrived this week! Rainbow Honey is an indie beauty company that truly understands my inner desire for more glitter. They also make some fabulous perfumes and personal care items.

I get the Mini-Mystery Bag for $12.50 a month, which is a great deal for everything that’s inside. Check out what I got this month!

I ripped into this bag about 5 seconds after taking the picture.

I ripped into this bag about 5 seconds after taking the picture.

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