Happy Hour: Freeman Masks and Black Raz

Hey friends!

This is the shortest Happy Hour ever because I am headed out of town! I decided in light of the bananas week I’ve had, today would be a good day to share some of my favorite relaxation products, the Freeman Black Sugar Mask and the Chocolate Strawberry Mask. And keeping that theme I have a chocolate raspberry beer, Black Raz that is sooooooo decadent and delicious.

So check it out!

happy hour freeman masks

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Happy Hour: Favorite New Mascara and Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace

Hey friends!

Oh goodness what a week. I’m busting out one of my Lush bubble bars  cutting it in half, because I’m cheap and taking a bath tonight. With a giant, but responsible, adult beverage.

If you have energy to get out for a Happy Hour, I’ve got a makeup product for you, my new favorite mascara, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara-and it’s only $7!

I would normally rave about my beer of the week here, but unfortunately I had a case of mistaken beer identity. I thought this Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace was a Saison I’d tried before and loved, but it turns out, I strongly, immensely, really dislike it.

So for more on that story, as well as a cheap new mascara, check out Happy Hour!

happy hour sorachi ace

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly. 

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Happy Hour: Favorite Drugstore Concealer and Clown Shoes’ Date Night Saison

Hey friends!

Do the Friday dance! We made it!

We had some gorgeous weather last weekend, and I want to celebrate that Spring is here with a lighter beer. So for Happy Hour this week we have an awesome Saison from Clown Shoes, plus my favorite under eye concealer, (and great news it’s only $7!)

So let’s start Happy Hour!

Happy Hour Maybelline clown shoes

Please enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

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Happy Hour: Hello Waffle’s Finishing Powder and Rogue’s Voodoo Doughnuts Ale

Hey friends!

We made it to Friday!

I am a bit sad because it means my grad school Spring Break is over, but also a bit joyous because it’s Happy Hour!

And today I have my new Holy Grail Finishing Powder to share with you, AND Voodoo Doughnut beer by Rogue. So it’s all too wonderful to be glum for long.

Check it out!

happy hour rogue voodoo doughtnutDisclaimer: Please use your beer and makeup responsibly.

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Happy Hour: 6 NYX High Voltage Lipsticks and Three Philosophers Quad

Hey friends….

Shame face. My Happy Hour post is coming out on Saturday, instead of it’s typical Friday slot. I can explain, I promise. This little thing called grad school, working full time, and life got in the way. BOO.

In fact, posting for the next week and half will probably be a little spotty. I’ve got midterm projects due and apparently my professors will not accept blog posts for credit. I don’t know why I didn’t get my Master’s in Blogging about Craft Beer and Indie Beauty. I’m sure that exists at an online school somewhere.

Anyway, despite being a unreliable blogger for the next week or so, I do have a Happy Hour post today! And it’s a real good one: We have the last installment of Beers I Love, featuring Three Philopopher’s Belgian Quad AND 6 of the new NYX High Voltage Lipsticks. Which you must go out and buy now. Purchase lipstick now, ask questions later. Go do it. For real, I’ll still be here.

So let’s have a Saturday Happy Hour!

nyx high voltage lipsticks happy hour

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Happy Hour: 5 NYX Intense Butter Lip Glosses and Cappuccino Stout!

Hey friends!

How did your week go? Mine was full of naps. Yep.

For Happy Hour this week, I’m sharing 5 of NYX’s new Intense Butter Lipglosses! I’ve had my eye on these babies from the moment I saw their vivid swatches on Instagram. It was love at first sight. And I’m happy to report, our love story is going strong, because they’re a pretty awesome, cheap product.

And for my third Beer I Love, I’ve got, yes, another dark beer. But it’s Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout. It tastes like coffee! You’ll try it and forgive me for featuring another dark beer. (Which, I promise won’t happen next week.)

So let’s start Happy Hour!

nyx Intense Butter Lip Gloss

Please enjoy your makeup and beers responsibly.

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Happy Hour: Valentine’s Day Pink Lipstick and Banana Bread Beer

Hey friends!

Guess what!? It’s Friday! And my best friend is in town!!!!

Ahhhhhh, happiest of weekends!

My best friend and I have been besties since I was born, (She’s older by 9 months, and always had more hair.) so there will be much laughter and beer drinking this weekend. Mr. Danger already has the taps set up for her arrival.

Anyways, the weekend of the BFF kicks off Beers I ♡ Month! This month will be featuring some of my favorite beers, and some Valentine’s Day inspired makeup choices. Because hearts and pink and chocolate. Yeah, Valentine’s Day theme!

So let’s start Happy Hour!

pink lipstick and banana bread beer

Please remember to enjoy your beer and makeup responsibly.

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Happy Hour: January Favorites

Hey friends!

This post is coming out a little bit later than usual due to technical difficulties. And by technical difficulties I mean, I am sleepy. I’ve been really busy lately and it came down to “Sleep? Or blog?” Sleep:1 Blogging:140

Anyway, I’m here now with my January Favorites post! I haven’t done one of these in awhile, and this is a sad thing because I have lots of favorite things, like Oprah. Except I don’t have a sticker yet. I should work on this…

Anyway for my favorite makeup (mostly indie this month-sorry, mainstream friends!), budget buys, and beers, check out this week’s Happy Hour!

And be sure to stick around for February because I’ll be starting a new Happy Hour theme: Beers I ♡. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, because that’s the way to my heart, friends. 

january 2015 favorite things

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Happy Hour: Bath Sabbath Beard Oil and Gulden Draak

Hey friends!

It’s Friday! I made it through my first week of classes! I don’t have a lot of homework this weekend! I am eating pizza tonight! All the exclamation points!

Anyway, today’s Happy Hour is a little bit different. I really wanted to review Bath Sabbath’s Beard Oils that I got Mr. Danger for Christmas. Since, I myself don’t have a beard, I decided to let him take over this week’s Happy Hour as a special guest poster. Don’t worry, friends, he may or may not have a degree in using words. You should be in good hands.

So, if you or someone in your life would like a luxurious beard, or perhaps one of the best Belgian beers of allllllll time, stick around for Happy Hour!

(And if not, I’ll be back this weekend with a Subscription post.)

Take it away, Mr. Danger!

bath sabbath

Return of the Disclaimer: Beauty on a Beer Budget does not endorse underage or reckless drinking. Please be responsible with your booze and makeup. Also if you are a teenager looking at beard oils and Triple Belgians, you are too mature. Go watch MTV or whatever it is you kids do these days.

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Happy Hour: Current Holy Grail Blush and Harpoon’s The Long Thaw

Hey friends!

We made it to Friday!

I also made it through my first week of classes as a “non-degree seeking student” AKA the person who should probably leave grad school, but is still there. (*I graduated in December, but I’m pursuing additional courses for licensure/certification in my career. Someday I’ll leave. Someday.)

Anyways, Mr. Danger and I are supposed to be celebrating the fact that I passed my certification test/graduated/started new classes tonight, but all I want is macaroni and cheese. I’ll report back on how our adventures go.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this Happy Hour post, because it’s the weekend, and some of us even have a 3 day weekend! (ME! ME ME ME!!!!) Today I decided to share my current Holy Grail Blush, Hello Waffle’s Junebug, with you guys because it’s affordable, it’s indie, and it makes me think of Spring. In that same dream of sunshine and warmer weather, I’ve also got Harpoon’s The Long Winter Thaw White IPA. I know it’s a little early to be thinking of Spring, but I am tired of rain and cold where I live!

So let’s kick off Happy Hour!

happy hour hello waffle june bug

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